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What is BIMI?

First step of the email deliverability success is brand confidence.

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) permits Domain Owners to coordinate with Mail User Agents to display brand-specific indicators next to properly authenticated messages. There are two aspects of BIMI coordination: a scalable mechanism for Domain Owners to publish their desired indicators and a mechanism for Mail Transfer Agents to verify the authenticity of the indicator.

Benefits of BIMI

For marketers:

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Use BIMI to increase customer engagement rate and email deliverability
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Display your logo on your customer mailbox
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Apply BIMI to increase customer confidence

For IT leaders:

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Standardize the transmission and use of your logo
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Increase brand trust and reputation
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Increase email deliverability with source reputation check

Why brands need BIMI?

$12.5 billion consumer and business loss from brand impersonations
Identity deception tactics usage in 66% of malicious emails is a result of impersonation of well-known brands
Customer engagement decrease in email marketing campaign

BIMI Lookup

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Look up and validate your BIMI record.

BIMI Logo Converter

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Use this tool to convert BIMI SVG images and logos to BIMI-compatible SVG Tiny P/S format

BIMI Generator

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Easiest way to generate your BIMI record

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