Weekly Email Security News Recap #3 [September 2022]

Dynamic changes in the cyberworld lead to countless and continuous hacking incidents, data breaches, and phishing attacks. Stay on top of the latest email security breach and cybersecurity news, or you could become the victim of cybercrime.

This week’s news recap covers American Airlines’ data breach and cryptocurrency platform Wintermute’s DeFi hack.

Let’s dive in!

American Airlines Customers’ Data Leaked Due to Phishing Scam

The first top story in our third week of cybersecurity news  in September is about American Airlines, which suffered a massive data breach.

On Friday, American Airlines announced that an unauthorized party accessed a “limited number” of employees’ email accounts in July due to a phishing scam, exposing customers’ personal data.

The company presented a letter to its customers, indicating it immediately took action to secure the compromised email accounts and contacted a third-party cybersecurity firm to investigate the incident.

According to American Airlines, there’s no proof that the compromised data has been misused.

The personal information leaked includes customers’:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Medical information

There’s no precise information about how many customers were affected by the breach, although the company’s spokesperson announced that only a few customers were affected.


Wintermute DeFi Suffers a $160 Million Theft 

Moving on, another cybersecurity news story making headlines is that of cryptocurrency platform Wintermute’s DeFi hack. CEO Evgeny Gaevoy announced that an unknown individual hacked the platform’s operations, leading to over $160 million in theft.

The intentions of the threat actors aren’t yet clear, but the CEO believes this was a white-hat ethical hack.

Over $160 million in cryptocurrency assets have been stolen from Wintermute’s decentralized finance (DeFi) operations.

Gaevoy said Wintermute’s lenders, partners, and other projects were not affected and that lenders could still place their loans securely.

Wintermute offered 10% of the stolen funds to the unknown thief once all the assets were returned to a specified cryptocurrency wallet address.

The CEO tweeted that the company still considers this incident a white hat attack and encouraged the hackers to get in touch.

Final Thoughts

Every week brings new email security news stories and cybersecurity news headlines from small and big enterprises worldwide.

EasyDMARC once again wants to remind you to secure your organization’s email domain, because security is the number one key success for every company!

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