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Simplify the DMARC implementation process. Manage and configure ongoing DNS changes immediately from your EasyDMARC dashboard.

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Automatic DNS configuration

laptop hosted dmarc
As you know, our mission is to make DMARC deployment EASY for you! Adhering to the values we’ve adopted, we’re always adding valuable features which aim to complement your DMARC journey with our platform. Our Hosted DMARC tool provides a unique CNAME record to update your DNS and start using the feature, preventing the need to visit your DNS each time.
laptop hosted dmarc
hosted dmarc

DMARC as a Service

hosted dmarc
  • Manage the DMARC policy of your domains and subdomains on our platform with a single click.
  • Manage your RUA and RUF tags. (These reports are converted into data on your dashboard).
  • Manage your SPF and DKIM alignment mode.

The Benefits of EayDMARC’s Hosted Solution

Hosted DMARC is a complete solution that simplifies the initial DMARC implementation for your domain. It facilitates the smooth transition of your domain from the monitoring stage to full protection.

Easy Management 
for MSPs/MSSPs

Simplified DMARC management. You won’t need to go to your DNS zone management each time you change the records for your domains.

With a 
Single Click

It’s as easy as selecting the domains that currently lack DMARC and clicking the desired policy button. EasyDMARC controls the DMARC enforcement for you.

How Does Hosted DMARC work?

deploying hosted dmarc

Hosted DMARC allows you to manage your DMARC record(s) directly from your EasyDMARC platform.

Before deploying hosted DMARC, please make sure that you don’t have a DMARC TXT Record implemented. You can do this by going to the DNS zone for your domain and deleting the TXT record under the Name/Host _dmarc or if existing.

Read this article to discover the steps required to enable the feature. How to Setup Hosted DMARC

deploying hosted dmarc

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