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Your customers have and will continue to be exposed to
cyberattacks with no slow down in sight. 93% of these
phishing exploits worldwide start from email security issues.
DMARC solves this problem!
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of using EasyDMARC


Monitor email flows and prevent phishing emails from your customers’ domains.


Gain detailed insight on email sent on behalf of your customers’ domains.


Monitor and be alerted of SPF or DKIM misconfiguration or authentication failures.


Make your customers’ email easy to identify across the growing footprint of DMARC-capable receivers.

Protect Both Your Business
And Clients

According to an internal EasyDMARC study, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) looking to switch providers are willing to pay 20% more on average for the right cybersecurity measure. Also, 9 in 10 potential customers would hire a new MSP/MSSP if it has a strong cybersecurity solution. This is a big opportunity for MSPs to grow their businesses by investing in powerful security solutions for their customers.

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EasyDMARC Benefits

Why Partner
With EasyDMARC?

  • A new revenue stream for our partners
  • Short buying cycle and quick return on investment
  • Competitive pricing
  • No infrastructure change, 5 minutes for integration
  • No expert knowledge needed
  • Advantage over your competitors
  • Outstanding technical support and response times
  • Security compliance (ISO27001, HIPPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS)
  • Top rated product by customer feedback on G2

EasyDMARC Features

  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • EasyDMARC processes DMARC data using a complex set of identifiers. We categorize sources of email and present you with DMARC compliance status (based on email source, DKIM and SPF).

  • Enforcement Assistance
  • Our experts can take you through our project-based approach to help you deploy DMARC for your customers.

  • Advanced Alerting
  • As an essential addition to your customers' domain DMARC configuration, you'll be alerted once authentication issues and/or any potential threats or abuse is detected.

  • Dedicated Support
  • We can help you manage your customers’ DMARC related incidents, regular data reviews, and ongoing compliance.

EasyDMARC in numbers

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since 2017

Domains secured

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