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As a trusted brand, EasyDMARC offers its users and partners holistic DMARC solutions that close the loop on email spoofing and phishing problems. This is an all-in-one solution protecting individuals and organizations from phishing exploits, business and vendor email compromise as well as directly impacting their email credibility and deliverability.
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Partner Programs

For MSP or MSSP organizations

For Resellers and Distributors

For ESP & ISP Partners

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  • Tailored plans for your customer segments
  • Education for technical and management staff
  • Comprehensive reporting features to gain insights about your customers’ email infrastructure and fix the existing issues easily
  • A single comprehensive dashboard to manage your customers’ DMARC journey easily
  • Single Sign-On, API Access, User Access Management
  • Highly professional technical support online or by phone
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partnership resellers
  • Discounts for deal registrations with high margins for partners - secured
  • Sales training and marketing support
  • Highly professional technical support online or by phone
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partnership ESP
  • Monitoring of unlimited customer domains
  • Free alerts on customer domains
  • API access
  • Single Sign On
  • Education for technical and management staff
  • Highly professional technical support online or by phone
Become a Partner

Partnership Benefits

  • The leading e-mail security solutions provider in terms of the widest range of DMARC coverage solutions packages in the market
  • Trusted by the world's global leading brands and companies
  • Intuitive and seamless DMARC integration
  • Comprehensive monitoring and analytics
  • 98.7% satisfaction rate for the second year customers
  • Superior customer support with an option for Dedicated support
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Why partner with  EasyDMARC?

Our goal is to help you grow your business by leveraging our easy-to-configure, all-in-one DMARC solution. With highly personalized training and support, you will have everything you need to integrate EasyDMARC into your services portfolio and quickly start building new revenue streams. Last but not the least, all of the above create and reinforce your image of a reliable partner for your customers as you help them fight against phishing attacks and build safe email communication.
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98,7% client satisfaction rate 2nd year customers