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Beyond the Firewall: Packaging Cybersecurity for MSPs

Thursday, April 18

1:00 pm EST

Meet the Speakers

Chris Wiser

Founder and
CEO of 7 Figure MSP™

Matt Topper

Security Evangelist at Connectwise
and Founder of /r/msp

Mike Anderson

Channel Director
at EasyDMARC

Lilit Lalayan

Channel Manager
at EasyDMARC

What is the webinar about

The digital landscape has changed, and SMBs can no longer rely solely on traditional antivirus and firewalls. Now, they must showcase complete cyber hygiene to maintain their position in the supply chain.

But what does this mean for MSPs? It’s a golden opportunity to offer tailored solutions that safeguard SMBs’ online activities, from industry certifications to confidentiality measures and beyond.

Ready to seize the moment? Join channel gurus Chris Wiser, CEO of 7 Figure MSP; Matt Topper, Security Evangelist at ConnectWise & founder of /r/msp; and Mike Anderson, Channel Director at EasyDMARC, as they unlock the secrets to packaging, marketing, and monetizing cybersecurity solutions for your clients.


What we’ll talk about