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SPF Record Lookup

Use this tool for lookup and validate your SPF record.

What is EasyDMARC’s SPF Record Checker and Lookup Tool?

Our SPF Record Checker and Lookup tool allows you to check if an SPF record is published on a domain and deployed correctly. It also features a DNS lookup counter.

What is SPF Lookup Used for?

While this tool checks for SPF records, it also counts DNS lookups, including main and nested lookups to ensure correct configuration.

How Does the SPF Record Checker Help?

It helps when there is a need to add a specific domain to a record to send emails on behalf of your organization. Our SPF Record Checker tool is useful if you want to check:

  • IP addresses of the sources are correct.
  • That no syntax errors exist.
  • That no ‘10 DNS lookup’ errors exist.

Why Should You Set an SPF Record?

The SPF record protects a company’s domain from being spoofed while improving its sender reputation with MBPs (Mailbox Providers) such as Google, Microsoft, Verizon, etc. Most companies and individuals use SPF records to prevent spoofing and enhance email security and deliverability.

How to Check SPF Records?

Easy! Simply use our free SPF Record Checker tool on our EasyDMARC platform. Enter the domain name in the box and click 'Check SPF.' You'll receive all lookup and check results for that domain momentarily.

How Does SPF Authentication Work?

When an email is sent, the receiving server checks the sender’s return-path address, and verifies if the domain in use has a valid SPF record by performing a DNS query. If it passes, it is authenticated and delivered to the recipient's mailbox.