We stop hackers from sending emails from your domain

Protect your business against phishing attacks today

What real-life phishing email looks like

Hackers Goal:To make the accountant download a virus which is hidden in Invoice.pdf and execute it

Result: After downloading and executing attachment, virus encrypted all the data in all connected computers, making computers not functionable. To decrypt the data hacker demanded money to be transferred to specific bitcoin’s account number. The factory was stopped 3 days and was not able to function without the data. After sending the demanded money, hacker provided the key to decrypt the database, but then it became obvious that the decrypted database is corrupted and requires additional work to recover all data. Recovering took additional 2 days.

Damage: Factory has been stopped 5 days and business have colossal reputation and ~33,000$ money lose.

If your business relies heavily on locally hosted data, you're in danger. Protect your business against phishing attacks now


How EasyDMARC works

To prevent fraudulent emails, your domain must have strong Email Authentication.

EasyDMARC has built an easy to configure,  all-in-one solution to setup your email authentication immediately. Our tools help to successfully monitor every aspect of your email authentication and setup powerful and effective protection from phishing attacks.

1 10 minutes from you

to provide access to your domain configuration

2 10 minutes from us

to boost your email protection from zero to medium

3 2+ weeks from us

to change your email protection from medium to strong

Just a total of 20 minutes to dramatically reduce the risk of phishing attacks with a well protected email

Why Your Business Domain Hasn’t Strong Email Authentication


Benefits of choosing us

Have industry standard email authentication and dramatically reduce the chance of fraudulent emails

Protect your important locally hosted data. Your business heavily relies on this data, as it can be encrypted by viruses. You will pay a lot of money to the hacker, who will constantly hold you at ransom and then receive corrupted data which sometimes can not be fully restored.

See who sends what types of emails from your domain. Examples such as customer support services, marketing campaigns, etc... in enterprise level reporting formats, all accessible in our easy to use portal.

Be constantly alerted and mobilize your employees on active phishing attacks, immediately finding the sources and chasing the hackers.

Reach the inbox,decrease chances to be marked as spam, as strongly authenticated email is far more trustworthy for mailbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc...)

Boost your business' reputation by showing your customers, partners and employees you value their security and data privacy