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BIMI Record Checker

Use this tool to check, lookup, and validate your BIMI record.

What is BIMI?

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It’s a standard that attaches your company’s logo to your authenticated email messages. This way, your recipients can easily recognize and trust the messages you send.


For BIMI to work, first you need to achieve DMARC enforcement (p=quarantine or p=reject). This way, you protect your brand reputation and ensure nobody (hey, cybercriminals) is impersonating your domain.

Your recipients can trust emails from your domain without thinking twice. With the help of your company logo, your emails are easily identifiable.

With your verified BIMI logo, your messages stand out from the rest.This encourages more open rates and engagement with your subscribers.

How to Use a BIMI Record Checker?

It’s pretty straightforward! By using our BIMI Checker , you just need to input your domain name and get instant results.

Is it Mandatory to Implement BIMI?

No, but it’s following the best practices. With DMARC enforcement and BIMI implementation, you’ll protect your domain reputation and give recipients peace of mind that your messages are authentic.

Which Mailbox Providers and Email Clients Support BIMI?

Currently, these ISPs support BIMI:

  • Gmail: While it does support BIMI, having VMC is a requirement.
  • Yahoo: Supports BIMI without requiring VMC. Your domain needs to have a certain reputation with their filter engines for your logo to be visible in Yahoo’s mailboxes. More info about BIMI can be found here.
  • Fastmail: Supports BIMI without requiring VMC.
  • Comcast and are considering BIMI support soon.

Why is My BIMI Logo Not Appearing in Emails?

First, make sure you have an enforced DMARC Policy (p=quarantine or p=reject).
Check that your BIMI Record or Logo doesn’t have any underlying issues by using our BIMI Lookup Tool
For Gmail, make sure you
have a valid VMC.
For Yahoo, make sure your domain has a sufficient reputation for your logo to be displayed. You can contact their postmaster team for more information at [email protected]