DMARC for Finance Institutions

DMARC for 
Financial Institutions

Stop credential theft. Secure your email
domain from being spoofed in phishing attacks.

Cybercrime is all about money. Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, brokerage, and financial advisors are in a difficult position. They’re prime targets for email-borne brand spoofing.

Yet, only 15% of financial institutions globally have protected their email domains against phishing and BEC attacks by deploying DMARC.

Benefits of EasyDMARC
For Financial Brands


EasyDMARC provides an easy-to-configure, all-in-one solution for financial brands of all sizes. Our email protection SaaS platform stops hackers from sending phishing emails to customers from company names, gaining access to accounts, and stealing personal information.

Email Deliverability

EasyDMARC informs receiving mail servers that emails are legitimate and authentic, ensuring they’re delivered to the inbox instead of blocked or in spam. We provide necessary mechanisms to increase email marketing campaign deliverability, visibility, brand protection, reputation, and confidence.

Into Cyber Threats

EasyDMARC helps to successfully monitor every aspect of your email authentication and enforce powerful and effective protection from phishing attacks. Our reporting capability gives you greater visibility to ensure compliance with your email security best practices.

Business Email Compromise 
(BEC) Protection

With the exponential increase of healthcare data, cyberattacks threaten patient confidentiality, while damaging the reputation of the organization that fell victim to the attack. DMARC helps keeping your brand out of attackers' arsenal of spoofed email domains and helps you level up your company reputation by properly protecting your email domain and data, thus protecting your brand’s reputation.

Build High-Trust Relationships

According to our recent research, 15% of financial institutions globally have protected their email domains against phishing and BEC attacks by deploying DMARC.

Many financial companies don’t see the value in protecting their email domains. Sadly, this gives hackers a great opportunity to send legitimate-looking messages from financial brands’ domain names.

Download our free ebook to learn the importance of DMARC in the financial industry and guide you on how to protect your brand’s reputation and build high-trust relationships with customers.

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Our experts will answer your questions, assess your needs, and help you implement a stricter policy that lets the world know you truly care about your employees, customers, and brand.

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