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DMARC: New Revenue Stream For MSP Partners

Becoming a managed service provider partner with EasyDMARC is an excellent opportunity for your business to boost sales and increase revenue. Your customers need DMARC, although they might still need to realize it.

Your job is to let them know that their email infrastructure might be at risk of email spoofing and phishing attacks and that you can offer them a simple solution – email authentication. Once you get the sale and add the domain, our platform starts working its magic.

Some additional benefits our existing MSP partners experienced are:

Competitive advantage over those using manual tools

Reduced IT support costs

Improved customer retention and satisfaction

Substantial business growth

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MSP Partner Problems EasyDMARC Solves

EasyDMARC's cloud native, smart, and user-friendly platform solves three pain points for our MSP partners:


Email authentication can seem complicated and risky because you deal with infrastructure-level changes that can make or break a client's domain reputation and impact their email deliverability. EasyDMARC eliminates configuration errors and ensures a smooth transition to a more protected domain environment.


Keeping an eye on hundreds of clients and their domains requires proper tools. Filtering through aggregate reports and monitoring all infrastructure changes can become hectic fast. EasyDMARC offers smart tools that give you visibility, command, and control for all your customers' domains.


Domain infrastructure is a living organism that needs expert touch and constant monitoring. EasyDMARC's continuous monitoring and alerting features ensure you see every change in a client's domain infrastructure, while training materials turn you into a DMARC expert in no time. 

With all these solutions under your belt, offering value to your customers and increasing your revenue seems more achievable.

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Simplified DMARC Management For MSP Partners

Permission Management

Dealing with a large number of clients and domains needs proper role management. Add team members to select domains for a more streamlined workflow or increase transparency with clients by allowing them into the system.

Group Management

Having hundreds or thousands of domains and manually dealing with each of them can't be fun. This feature is one of the MSP favorites on our platform. Group the domains by various company criteria and conquer the issues – no hassle.

White Label Reporting

Do you prefer to use your brand identity while communicating with clients? You can customize the reports and other downloadable materials with your logo and colors to make them part of your brand identity.

Smart DMARC Reporting

Email authentication starts with understanding DMARC reports. Our robust DMARC reporting tool visualizes your email traffic, analyzing sending sources and giving you a bird's eye view of your email environment.

Reputation Monitoring

Preventing cybersecurity fires is better than dealing with their devastating consequences. We run real-time checks on the IPs and domains you've added to the system and notify you as soon as they appear in blocklists.

Managed SPF, DMARC, and BIMI

Dealing with raw records can be daunting. Our system replaces tedious shuffling with a clean dashboard and efficient sending source management. Setup SPF, DMARC, and BIMI records once and manage them in one click.

Professional Support

Having an expert watch your back makes all the difference. Our all-star support team is ready to answer your questions and share technical knowledge. Don't hesitate to contact us even after the initial one-on-one training.

Become the DMARC Expert Your Clients Seek


Schedule a training session with your dedicated deployment engineer to get up to speed with our platform and ask your questions about email authentication DMARC compliance.


Watch our onboarding videos at your own pace to get the most out of our product. This experience-enhancing playlist takes you from A to Z and stays with you for reference.

Knowledge Base and Blog

Find more answers to questions in our knowledge base. We write step-by-step deployment guides, articles about the product, your EasyDMARC account, and other topics of interest.


Get all the help you need to sell EasyDMARC products to your customers. We provide downloadable marketing materials you can modify and use during the sales stage.

MSP Ebook
MSP Ebook

Communicate DMARC to Clients

DMARC market is growing steadily and surely. A market research estimated the global DMARC Software market size at $254.56 million in 2022, and with a 37.53% CAGR, this number is going to reach $1722.74 million by 2028.

Increasingly more businesses start to understand the importance of protecting their domain infrastructure with email authentication protocols. As an MSP, this is a huge opportunity to serve your customer needs.

Download our eBook to learn how to communicate DMARC with your clients and maximize your revenue.

Word From Current Customers

Jules Webb

Jules Webb

MSP Manager, Jules Webb

“EasyDMARC provided me with a less expensive path to security. They walked me through the process and ensured a great experience for me. I like the interface and value the fact that the company constantly adds more features and tools."

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René Verhagen

René Verhagen

CEO | 1do

"When we selected EasyDMARC, we had four or five evaluations of different products running alongside each other. EasyDMARC stood out in the responsiveness of both the technical and commercial departments. So I got the feeling that we finally found a company that would provide us with both technical and commercial value."

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Start Monetizing DMARC. Talk to an Expert

It's time to expand your revenue while ensuring your customers get the added value of email authentication and DMARC compliance. Act as the expert your clients deserve: give them peace of mind by securing their domain infrastructure.

Contact our dedicated DMARC MSP professional today to learn more about our services and get a quote based on your needs.

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