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Gmail and Yahoo require DMARC. Make sure you're compliant. Learn More.
Solutions for Marketing - EasyDMARC

Solutions for 

Protect both your brand and your customers from 
common email scams. Strengthen relationships with 
customers and achieve important advantages in today's 
increasingly insecure digital marketplace.

Keep Brand-Loyal 
Customers Safe

It's vital that marketing organizations work alongside security teams to tackle customer trust and brand equity not just as an IT or security issue, but as a business one as well.

Show Your Logo 
in Recipients Inbox

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) not only decreases the chances of brand impersonation but can also increase email opening rates and engagement, because customers can trust the email is sent authentically from your organization.

Prevent Phishing 
and BEC Attacks

Enforcing strict security standards like DMARC prevents business email compromise and phishing attacks and keeps your company reputation on the highest level․

The Ultimate DMARC Guide For Marketers

It's marketing's job to keep customers safe. DMARC authentication standards are the next security level, helping marketers strengthen relationships with customers and achieve essential advantages.

By understanding DMARC authentication and implementing it on their domains, marketers can protect their brands and customers from phishing and spoofing scams.

Download our free ebook that will help you learn the importance of DMARC in marketing, and will guide you on what to do to protect your brand's reputation.


of using EasyDMARC

Visibility of all your email flow

Control over email sending services

Security of email sending domain

Delivery increase by becoming legitimate sender

Why EasyDMARC?

EasyDMARC Saas platform provides necessary mechanisms to increase email marketing campaign deliverability, visibility, brand protection, reputation, and confidence. Brand reputation depends directly on how easy phishers can attack a company or its customers.

saas platform

EasyDMARC SaaS Platform

EasyDMARC provides domain administration teams with the necessary features to adopt, monitor, manage, and analyze email authentication standards on a user-friendly platform and without expert knowledge. With EasyDMARC SaaS Platform you can:

  • Prevent data leakage
  • Protect against Financial Loss
  • Stop Customer Loss
  • Secure your email accounts

Advanced Blacklist Monitoring and Reputation Check

The blacklist check will test a mail server IP address against over 100 DNS-based email blacklists. (Commonly called Realtime blacklist, DNSBL, or RBL). If your mail server has been blacklisted, some emails you send may not be delivered. Several factors influence your email deliverability. Having your domain and/or sending mail server's IP addresses in blacklists can negatively impact email deliverability. With Blacklist monitoring you can:
  • Automatically check your domain in 50+ blacklists
  • Get alerted instantly if your domain is on a blacklist
  • Get a geographical overview of the blacklist monitoring results
Reputation check
BIMI toolkit

Comprehensive BIMI Toolkit

According to statistics, the average open rate of email marketing campaigns is 18.0%. On the other hand, identity deception tactics usage in 66% of malicious emails result from the impersonation of well-known brands. BIMI can solve the problem. It works with DMARC, DKIM, and SPF to enable recipient email providers to correctly identify the company and allow your messages to appear in the inbox. With BIMI toolkit you can:

  • Increase customer engagement rate and email deliverability
  • Display your logo on your customer mailbox
  • Apply BIMI to increase customer confidence

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