DMARC for Healthcare Industry

DMARC for 
Healthcare Industry

Stop Excessive Phishing Attacks in the Healthcare 

Why is the Healthcare Industry in the 
risk group for phishing attacks?

According to Google, 18 million daily phishing messages have been detected by the healthcare industry. Hackers find and exploit many vulnerabilities in how health organizations finance, manage, organize, and implement their information protection capabilities. Most of them target hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and use their email domains to appear credible. Phishing attacks on the healthcare industry can cause gruesome consequences. Modern phishing defenses are needed to protect your servers and email domain effectively from unauthorized use. If your healthcare business is still unprotected, it’s about time to start thinking about it seriously. The richness and uniqueness of the information handled by health plans, physicians, hospitals, and other providers are central to the increased risk to healthcare organizations.

Risks associated with cyberattacks for healthcare industry:

Healthcare Records Targeted
Financial Loss
Brand value and reputation damage

Benefits of using DMARC 
for Healthcare

Stop Email 
Phishing Attacks

Although federal and state regulatory bodies continue to improve data protection laws and impose strict breach penalties, violations continue to increase. Healthcare organizations IT departments need to do their steps to level up their security measures and EasyDMARC can be the best help in that difficult journey.

your Online Brand

With the exponential increase of healthcare data, cyberattacks threaten patient confidentiality, while damaging the reputation of the organization that fell victim to the attack. DMARC helps keeping your brand out of attackers' arsenal of spoofed email domains and helps you level up your company reputation by properly protecting your email domain and data, thus protecting your brand’s reputation.

Financial Loss

Healthcare is a national security concern and a substantial part of the economy. Confidential patient data and outdated systems are among the reasons why healthcare is the biggest target for cyberattacks. Thus, data breaches in the healthcare industry could cause unrecoverable damage. Implement DMARC to stop data breach and financial loss.

Why EasyDMARC?

EasyDMARC is all-in-one user-friendly solution for easy and efficient coverage of email compromise, which always operates outside of the network border of your organization and offers:

  • Fast integration with no access to confidential data
  • In-depth technical support
  • Easy-to-understand AI-powered DMARC reporting
  • Advanced filtering features

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