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Gmail and Yahoo require DMARC. Make sure you're compliant. Learn More.
Solutions for SMBs - EasyDMARC

Solution for SMBs

A user-friendly platform to deploy email authentication 
and protect your domain in the shortest period without 
any risks and expert knowledge.

Phishing Attacks

EasyDMARC's enterprise-class security and compliance solution will protect your end-users against phishing threats before they even reach the inbox.

on Your Business

EasyDMARC is ideal for SMBs with limited IT resources. Your administrators can quickly and easily complete management tasks and focus on more strategic goals.

Stay Compliant 
with Regulations

EasyDMARC keeps your organization compliant by sending the emails securely.

Why EasyDMARC?

EasyDMARC provides domain administration teams with the necessary features to adopt, monitor, and manage email authentication all standards in a user-friendly platform and without expert knowledge.


With multiple email sending sources, most of them requiring their own SPF mechanism to be included in your SPF record, you can quickly reach the 10 DNS lookups limit and cause “permerror” results. With EasySPF you can:

  • Have unlimited SPF DNS lookups
  • Repair your SPF record
  • Add, remove, update unlimited email service providers
  • Mitigate and avoid outgoing emails loss caused by “permerror.”
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Managed DMARC

Managed DMARC

Managed DMARC allows you to manage your DMARC record(s) directly from your EasyDMARC portal. It provides a unique CNAME record to update your DNS and start using the feature, preventing the need to visit your DNS each time.

With Managed DMARC you can:
  • Manage the DMARC policy of your domains and subdomains on our platform with a single click.
  • Manage your RUA and RUF tags. (These reports are converted into data on your dashboard).
  • Manage your SPF and DKIM alignment mode.
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Email Investigate

When adding DMARC record into your DNS, it takes some time for the first report arriving. Instead of waiting, you can get your first aggregate report instantly and check if your particular sending source is configured properly with our new feature.

With Email Investigate, you can:
  • What DMARC policy will be applied to your email in advance.
  • Get a configuration overview with email authentication from any of your email sending services.
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