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Investigate Email Issues

Investigate with EasyDMARC. Identify email problems and implement the necessary fixes for compliance.
Send a "test" email and unlock email headers. Discover what's working and what's missing from your email security for perfect DMARC configuration.
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Investigate Email Issues

What is Email Investigate and how can it help?

When adding DMARC record into your DNS, it takes some time for the first report arriving. Instead of waiting, you can get your first aggregate report instantly and check if your particular sending source is configured properly. Speed up your DMARC policy enforcement journey and check your email sending source's compliance with our new feature. Email Investigate helps you detect and troubleshoot any potential issues with delivery. It also gives you a configuration overview with email authentication from any of your email sending services.

How Email Investigate works?

Email Investigate provides a unique inbox address to which you can send an email from the specific service. It analyzes the results and provides you with detailed information about SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. It also reveals the DMARC policy that will be applied to your email and retrieves the configuration guide for source authentication setup.

Here are the steps to follow:
Send an email to Investigate's inbox address from the email sending source you want to check.
Open the email for a more detailed breakdown of each email sending source and its current status
The email will appear in Investigate's inbox labeled as 'Compliant' or 'Non-compliant'
Adjust your domain setup where necessary by following the instructions provided to you
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