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DMARC for 
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Build consumer confidence and increase email deliverability 
with EasyDMARC. Secure your brand from being spoofed in 
phishing attacks targeting customers and employees.

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Company Overview

Harmony Designs is a US-based retail company that creates custom gifts and products for museum stores, colleges and universities, businesses, governments, libraries, healthcare, non-profit organizations, individuals, and more.

The collaboration of Harmony Designs with EasyDMARC was extremely effective. The company implemented DMARC, which helped improve its email delivery practices. They are now confident that their emails are being delivered.

Company Overview Company Overview
Company Overview Person
Sherrill Franklin | President,
Harmony Designs Inc.
Sherrill, the President of Harmony Designs Inc., mentions the main achievements they’ve had with EasyDMARC:
Low Spam and Bounces
High Engagement
Improved Email Deliverability

Why Retailers Need

Security of
Email Domain

With EasyDMARC, you can prevent, gain visibility into, and be aware of illegitimate use of your email domain. You’ll protect your customers and employees from phishing without risks and in the shortest period.


EasyDMARC is here to help take care of your retail, hospitality, or eCommerce brand. Prevent money loss, and level up your company reputation by properly protecting your email domain and data.

Email Deliverability

With DMARC, you become a legitimate sender in the eyes of ISPs; hence you can easily reach the inbox and get identified by email providers correctly. EasyDMARC ensures that emails are reliably authenticated, leading to higher deliverability rates.


Customers often stop doing business with a company that has been hacked. They typically trust a company less after a breach too. With BIMI, your customers can quickly identify your email messages and trust they were from you.


Without proper protection, you’ll pay a lot of money to hackers, who’ll constantly hold you at ransom. Implementing DMARC could save a retail/eCommerce brand thousands, if not millions, of dollars.


Take control over your domain while protecting your brand, employees, and partners. Gain full visibility into who sends emails using company-owned email domains across the internet. Be aware and alert the team about an active phishing attack.

DMARC for Retail & Hospitality: Online Shopping Protection

There were 2.14 billion online shoppers in 2021, and by the end of 2022, eCommerce sales are expected to reach $5.42 trillion.

Retailers are facing a new digital era as online shopping trends are constantly evolving to offer new opportunities to consumers. As a result, online shopping is getting more convenient, and a wave of emerging payment technologies is transforming the industry.

While these trends create great incentives for the eCommerce industry, they also generate new retail cybersecurity threats.

Download our free ebook to learn the importance of DMARC for the retail industry and learn how to protect your employees, partners, and customers from phishing attacks.


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