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Gmail and Yahoo require DMARC. Make sure you're compliant. Learn More.

DMARC For Nonprofits

Make a huge difference knowing that your domains and emails are secure.

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Protect Your Beneficiaries, Employees, Volunteers, and Donors

Take the next step toward better nonprofit IT infrastructure and experience peace of mind with our fully-managed cloud-based DMARC service.

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Analyze the security of your emails, identify email problems, and implement the necessary fixes for DMARC compliance in just a few clicks.

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Don’t let blacklists ruin your reputation. Keep an eye on your domains and IPs via real-time notifications and act on them immediately.

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Manage your SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI records in one place. Increase your domain reputation and credibility.

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Monitor your domains without logging into your EasyDMARC account. Get instant notifications in case of active phishing attacks.

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Don’t Let Hackers Steal From Your Cause

It makes no difference for bad actors who they’re stealing from, and nonprofits are ideal candidates. Learn how to protect your donors and beneficiaries based on an example of a fictitious NGO. We made up the scenario in the video to show you how badly phishing attacks could affect companies in your niche and what to do to avoid being victimized.

Ebook - DMARC Adoption In Nonprofits

.org Domain Research: DMARC Adoption In Nonprofits

We’ve researched 10 mln .org domains worldwide and found that only 3.98% of them dabbed into the world of email authentication. Those that have reached the reject policy (this policy fully protects against spoofing and phishing attacks) round about 1.2% of the sample, which is quite alarming.

Email is a top communication method for any nonprofit. No matter the field of operation, any NGO needs it to succeed in building relationships with donors and beneficiaries, send financial reports to interested parties, and most importantly, receive repeat donations.

Download our ebook to take a peek into even more curious numbers from EasyDMARC’s private research and get valuable insights on NPO email trends and statistics.

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The DMARC Platform Every Nonprofit Needs

Every NGO needs DMARC. Your email domain infrastructure is a vulnerable place without email authentication protocols.

Choose a platform that will give you the freedom to set clear goals and reach them during a swift and delighting customer journey. Automate and simplify the technical tasks with our dashboard while keeping the bird’s eye view on the most important factors of your email environment.

Protect Your Nonprofit’s Reputation

Don’t allow bad actors play with your name and good standing by using domain spoofing.

Secure Donors Against Financial Losses

Prevent phishing and spoofing emails that aim at stealing from your organization.

Boost Your Email Deliverability

We ensure your emails land in recipient inboxes rather than being marked as spam or blocked.

Receive Detailed Email Infrastructure Reports

Monitor your email activity to learn more details about delivered and rejected messages.

Security Experts From Nonprofit Industry About EasyDMARC

Tim Sullivan
Director of Information Technology
Volunteers of America Colorado

"DMARC enabled us to authenticate the Sources that send email on our behalf and improve deliverability rates. At the same time, this allowed us to block phishing attempts from bad actors."

Jessel Parmar
IT Infrastructure Lead
Christian Aid

"For anyone who works in a Nonprofit with limited resources, EasyDMARC provides easy to use platform and all-in-one solution with all the necessary tools and features. I highly recommend it to everyone who needs setting up and monitoring DMARC easy."

Chris Farrow, CISSP, GCIH
Global Director, Cyber Security
International Justice Mission

"By securing our domains from unauthorized email use, we in turn, protect our employees, volunteers, and donors from falling victim to phishing scams. Every NGO needs DMARC."

Talk With A DMARC Expert

Talk With A DMARC Expert

Our DMARC service is easy to set up and use, and our team of experts is available to assist you every step of the way. Tell us about the problem you aim to solve for your Nonprofit organization, and one of our DMARC experts will help you find the best solution.

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