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Cyber-First MSP: Turning Cybersecurity Into Profits

August 6 | 1:00 PM EST

What is the webinar about

SMBs are the primary target for cybercrime and their protection benefits us all.


This situation offers you a unique opportunity: stand out from other Managed Solution Providers as a ‘Cyber-First’ MSP. With a select set of essential applications and services, you can easily position yourself to increase revenue from your clients and even competitors.


Let Wes Spenser, Co-Founder at Empath and Mike Anderson, Channel Director at EasyDMARC show you how in our latest webinar.


What we’ll talk about

Meet the Speakers


Mike Anderson

Channel Director at EasyDMARC


Wes Spenser

Co-Founder at Empath


Lilit Lalayan

Channel Manager at EasyDMARC