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Announcing SOC 2 Certification Compliance for EasyDMARC

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Fantastic news for all our partners and clients – EasyDMARC is now SOC 2 Certification Compliant!

2021 has been a year of wins for our company. Our team has been growing, and together, we’ve been improving our tools and services. Receiving the SOC 2 Type II Certification undoubtedly stands out among our other developments.

We’ve always taken responsibility for customer protection as a cybersecurity company, practicing what we preach. This compliance news is yet another step to assure you that we care about your privacy and data security.

Before we talk about what SOC 2 Type II means for our clients, let’s see what the certification implies.

What is SOC 2 Certification?

SOC is short for the Service Organization Control platform by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants. The reporting framework has three levels of certification and compliance, each responsible for particular business types and aspects of the business administration (financial, technological, business, etc.).

SOC 2 accreditation applies to tech organizations that work with client data. Basically, any Software as a Service (SaaS) company falls under the provision. SOC 2 audits and enforces companies to write and follow processes and procedures regarding IT security. The certification follows the five “Trust Service Principles”:

  • Security: Companies need to implement network and application firewall best practices, use two-factor authentication, and install proper intrusion detection for secure customer data management.
  • Availability: SOC 2 certified companies monitor application performance while making sure disaster recovery and incident response plans are in place.
  • Processing integrity: SOC 2 audits the client information handling and enforces quality assurance during the whole process.
  • Confidentiality: This principle includes monitoring and enforcing access controls and proper encryption.
  • Privacy: Like in the case of other principles, businesses must report on the impact of access controls, encryption, and two-factor authentication on the client data.

Developing security policies and procedures is the number one priority for any organization going for SOC 2 certification. The framework offers a set of requirements for potential candidates. Below is a general set of alerts each candidate organization needs to cover:

  • Data, controls, and configuration modifications
  • File transfers
  • Access to privileged systems and accounts

In addition to the requirements above, companies need:

  • Detailed auditing
  • Host-level visibility (network, user activity, and processes)
  • Behavior-based monitoring
  • Prevention of incidents that might compromise the Trust Service Principles

How Does SOC 2 Type II Certification Impact EasyDMARC Customers?

Providing our clients and partners with email security tools they can rely on is our main focus at EasyDMARC. We understand the full responsibility of keeping our systems and infrastructure safe. SOC 2 Type II Certification will help us notice, follow, and resolve any security vulnerabilities in our system, which will, in turn, ensure the safety of our consumer data.

What’s Next?

Businesses that cover the security and privacy basics gain more trust and appreciation from clients, partners, and vendors. The SOC 2 accreditation is a must-have for technology startups, especially those that serve clients from the USA. EasyDMARC is a US-based business, so receiving SOC 2 wasn’t a whim; it was a necessity. 

The responsibility of becoming a solid and reliable partner to our customers gives us the strength to push our security standards further. Prioritizing our client privacy with the help of SOC security certification is only one of the first steps we’ve made so far.

Gaining SOC 2 certification is one thing, but maintaining it is a continuous process. Organizations apply for renewals every year to see if their standards are still relevant. However, this isn’t the only step we’re going to take in the future to prove our dedication to customer data protection.

We’ve already published our SOC 3 Report PDF as well. Another standard we’re considering in 2022 is the ISO/IEC 27001.

Follow our website for further information on EasyDMARC company updates and in-depth cybersecurity coverage.

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