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DMARC – The Email Game Changer

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DMARC-the email game changer

In February, one of the biggest changes in email since its invention.

Google, Yahoo and other leading ISPs took the decision to make DMARC a mandatory protocol on Sender Email Domains.

This was done for two reasons: first, to reduce spoofing, phishing, and other cyberattacks conducted using recognized business domains. 

Secondly, to improve the deliverability of legitimate email communications.

What are the consequences?

Without a DMARC protocol, emails – both transactional and promotional – have a higher likelihood of going straight to a recipient’s spam folder or not being delivered at all. 

The impact on all businesses, especially SMBs, operating on small margins but predictable payments could be critical.

What does DMARC do?

DMARC operates in conjunction with the SPF and DKIM protocols. It checks the sender’s authenticity and ensures that the email has remained untampered with in transit. If there are any doubts, the DMARC protocol will handle what happens next. 

This involves one of three options: 

  • The monitoring stage that allows the email through (p=none) while identifying sender domains 
  • Directing the email into the recipient’s spam folder (p=quarantine)  
  • Discarding the message completely (p = reject).

The objective of DMARC is to attain and then maintain the ‘Reject’ status. This is a continuous process.

Why now?

Google introduced DMARC as a sender option in 2022 but it was acknowledged at the time that even enterprises with significant resources (and multiple sender domains) found it difficult to implement. Over 75% of DMARC projects failed.

For the majority of SMBs, complexity and cost meant it was out of reach.

The reality, though, is that Spoofing and Phishing via email still account for more than 93% of cyberattacks. DMARC can greatly reduce the risk of being a target. The process needed to be simplified.

Vendors such as EasyDMARC rose to the challenge with a solution that enables MSPs to manage the whole DMARC process on behalf of their SMB clients. 

Tools such as the Domain Scanner allow their customers to see for themselves the vulnerability of their sender email domain with a straightforward ‘traffic light’ Red, Yellow or Green indicating the current status of their SPF, DKIM and DMARC protocols.

MSPs can use the EasyDMARC multi-tenant dashboard to manage the DMARC process for all their clients from a single interface. 

Additionally, they can provide regular, customized reports outlining their customers’ sender domain journey to ‘reject’ and show any unauthorized activity attempted on their behalf.

DMARC an MSP Opportunity

DMARC becoming mandatory represents one of the biggest shake-ups in email history. 

For MSP clients, doing nothing is not an option and can be very damaging. It should be seized as a way to build existing customer relationships or as a method to build new ones.

Whether an MSP is adding DMARC to its current cybersecurity stack or considering it a potential revenue stream, EasyDMARC provides a total ‘Wrap Around Service’ with a dedicated Account Manager, Technical onboarding, and immediate access to the Marketing Extra program for instant campaigns and customized promotions.

Become an EasyDMARC Partner Today.

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