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New Feature: EasyDMARC’s White Label Reporting

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What is White Label Reporting and Who Needs It

White label reporting is a new way for MSP clients to receive their reports. The feature description is quite straightforward – it removes all visual and verbal representations of EasyDMARC from the DMARC reports. This means that MSPs can send customized reports to their clients without the need to mention EasyDMARC.

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Configuration and Settings

This new feature is nested under Settings > Reporting. The Reporting Management page contains all your report recipients and settings for each one. To configure white label settings for an existing recipient, click the “Edit” button under the “Actions” column. You also have the option to create a new recipient and configure the settings from scratch.

In any case, the screen that follows contains the following sections and settings:

  • Recipient email
  • Recipient timezone
  • White label reports toggle
  • Report frequency

The white label reporting toggle turns on our new feature. After clicking it, you’ll be prompted to choose between using EasyDMARC’s domain or your own to send the reports. This choice depends on your report customization needs and client preferences.

If you choose the “EasyDMARC Domain” option, no other steps will come up. You’ll simply need to choose the frequency of your reports and save the settings.

Choosing the “My Domain” option gives you three methods to connect the mailbox to EasyDMARC:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • SMTP

All three configurations are straightforward. However, our Knowledge base contains step-by-step guides for each setup type.

If the mailbox connection is through, you’ll see the connected account and have the ability to edit it. If the process fails, we show an error message that there’s an issue with the connection.

Once you’ve made all the changes, the “Save” button will return you to the main “Reporting Management” page.

For better visibility and ease of use, each report recipient will have the “White label” tag applied near their email address. This information snippet also contains the connection type used to receive the report. Additionally, in case of connection failure, the tag will be red.

What’s Next for This Feature?

As a continued goal of accommodating our MSP customers better, we’ll continue improving white label reports. One of the upcoming additions is the option to add your own custom logos.

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