EasySender – New Email Deliverability Platform by EasyDMARC

EasySender: EasyDMARC’s New Email Deliverability Platform

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For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $36 – email communication is the lifeblood of your business. Whether you’re sending a transactional message or a marketing campaign, the success of your email relies on email deliverability – the percentage of emails landing in your customers’ inboxes.

For a stellar email deliverability score, you need an impeccable sender reputation. Mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook assess your sender reputation to decide where your email should land – inbox or spam. 

EasySender, EasyDMARC’s new email deliverability product, consists of two components that work together to set your email communication up for success. Enter our new tools and services:

  • Email Verification rids your email lists from problematic addresses and minimizes the hard bounce.
  • Inbox Placement gives insight into whether your emails will land in the inbox or spam folder.

This article reviews each of EasySender’s components and shows how they work together to guarantee top-notch email deliverability.

Email Verification

Email lists, depending on how you collected them, might contain outdated and invalid email addresses. It’s no secret how much time marketers spend on email list cleanup and segmentation. A top market solution that will automate this task is going to be invaluable to them.

What Does Email Verification Do?

EasyDMARC’s email verification tool determines if the addresses in your list are valid, i.e., if they contain email addresses with any of the following issues:

  • Misspelled addresses
  • Disposable addresses
  • Domains lacking MX records
  • Inactive or full mailboxes
  • Unavailable servers
  • Non-existent domain names

Using our Email Verification tool is straightforward – you just need to get your email addresses into our system, and we’ll automatically find the problematic ones.

You can use one of the following three methods:

  1. Copy and paste the addresses
  2. Upload a list
  3. Connect to our API for real-time verification

With the first and second methods, you get a one-time verification result. In the meantime, the real-time API offers you instant verification results as the user provides their email address.

The result? You get enhanced email deliverability, reduced bounce rates, and a bolstered sender reputation.

Email Verification Use Cases

Email verification is more than just a routine task; it’s a strategic weapon in your arsenal for email success. Here’s when you’ll need our tool:

  • Before Launching New Email Marketing Campaigns: Over time, some of your contacts may become inactive and cause hard bounces. Verification ensures your list is current.
  • Before Cold Outreach: Sending emails to unverified addresses increases the risk of hard bounces, which can severely hamper email deliverability and reputation.
  • For Email Database Clean-Up: Email list hygiene is crucial if you want to keep an engaged audience. Periodic verification ensures your messages reach their intended targets.
  • Real-time API verification for registration and subscription forms: Eliminating problematic emails instantly is valuable for keeping your lists clean and low-quality addresses out of your database.

Who Is It For?

In the ever-evolving landscape of email communication, email verification emerges as an indispensable tool, ensuring your messages land where they belong and safeguarding the ROI of your email campaigns. Our email verification tool can become critical for any organization:

  • SMBs and Enterprises: Any mix of transactional emails, newsletters, or marketing campaigns benefits from a clear email database and improved deliverability.
  • Agencies: B2B agencies focused on lead generation must optimize their cold email campaigns to secure inbox placement, safeguarding sender reputation and deliverability.
  • MSPs (Managed Service Providers): MSPs that focus on deliverability services can incorporate email verification into their offering for improved customer satisfaction.

Inbox Placement

EasyDMARC’s Inbox Placement service gives you a sneak peek into your email’s “destiny” before you hit “Send.”

Most mailbox providers use the Delivery Rate to give their users insight into whether the email was delivered or not. However, the Inbox Placement Rate has recently gained more traction in the industry because it shows the exact number of emails that reached client inboxes. 

What Does Inbox Placement Do?

Our Inbox Placement service is based on the seed list testing method. You send an email to our list of internal email addresses from the most popular Mailbox Providers (like Google, Outlook, etc.). We then review the addresses and easily detect where the sent emails landed.

Send a copy of your actual email to our seed list (around 50 email addresses on various email providers), and you’ll know the exact number of the emails that arrived in test recipients’ inboxes. You’ll also gain insight into how many messages landed in spam and how many weren’t delivered at all. 

Inbox placement tests help to identify deliverability problems like bad sender reputation or content issues like spam words and overly salesy copy.

Inbox Placement Use Cases

Campaign Precision is the best use case for this tool. Inbox Placement helps you fine-tune your campaigns to the T. Don’t waste time and money on emails destined for the spam folder.

Who Is It For?

All EasySender users who want more insight into the future of their campaigns will stay happy with our Inbox Placement tool

The Billing Model

All three tools are available via a renewable yearly subscription, and you can pick the services essential to our email deliverability goals.

We realize that you might need to verify email lists occasionally, so we also offer separate verification packages you can use anytime within a year from the purchase date.

What’s In the Works?

While DMARC compliance has a great impact on email deliverability, it’s only part of the solution. With EasySender, we bring you a more rounded user experience and more value in your email deliverability efforts.

We always aim to improve our products, and our new platform still has a long way to go. We plan to add ESP integrations, automated verification, support for more mailbox providers, and many other features. 

Stellar teams produce stellar products, but customer feedback supercharges them. So, we’ll be thrilled to hear what you have to say about our new platform.

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