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Feature Update: Onboarding and Domain Addition

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Feature Update: Onboarding and Domain Addition

Adding and Configuring Domains in EasyDMARC Has Become Easier

What Does the New Onboarding Flow Include?

Onboarding is one of the first touchpoints where you come face-to-face with our platform, so we believe it must be flawless. Our product team has been working to bring you the easiest and most straightforward onboarding flow among competitors.

Now, in just up to three steps, you’ll be able to add and configure your first domains and start using our platform.

Step 1. Add a Domain

This page includes a simple text input field where you can type or paste all the domains you need to add to our platform. While you can skip this step, we don’t recommend it because your dashboard will appear empty unless you add a domain. Once done, click “Add” to go to the next step.

Step 2. Choose the DMARC Management Method

Depending on your preference, you can choose to manage your DMARC records directly within our platform or manually from your DNS host.

The first option is more convenient for those who want to automate and simplify their DMARC implementation process or users without technical knowledge. Managing the records from the DNS host, on the other hand, requires more time and manual refinement.

Step 3. Verify the Domain

Depending on your domain’s existing records and the management method you’ve chosen in the previous step, our system will show you the proper verification process and lead you step by step. To make this possible, our Support team covered a dozen configuration cases in the system, and our developers built the logic so you only see the relevant guide.

Additionally, a key improvement during the verification step is the Knowledge Base integration in a retractable sidebar. Here, you can watch introductory and technical videos and read articles to aid your journey.

Any Changes to the Platform?

As a result of the Onboarding flow improvements, our team also extended the process changes into the app itself. We completely redesigned the “Domain Addition” process, integrating the improved features into our platform.

Now, when our existing users click “Add Domain” from the Dashboard, a sleek drawer opens from the right side. You’ll be able to:

  1. Choose the Domain Group from the dropdown or create a new one on the spot
  2. Choose the domain type – Sending or Parked

The rest of the process is similar to the Onboarding flow. Same as before, you’ll have to choose the management method and verify the domain. The Knowledge Base and the video guide will still be at your fingertips.

Who Do These Changes Serve?

EasyDMARC’s new Onboarding flow and domain addition improvements serve our clients across the board, especially larger organizations and MSP partners.

What Are the Benefits of the New Flow?

  • Seamless introduction to the platform
  • Streamlined domain verification
  • Enhanced usability
  • In-depth technical guidance
  • More configuration options

What’s Next?

We’ll be adding bulk domain upload via CSV and XLS and some minor improvements in the upcoming releases.

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