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Meet the Startups Event

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’re among the guests at Oracle’s “Meet the Startups” event on June 14, 2022! Our CEO, Gerasim Hovhannisyan, is going to speak about how our team is solving email security and deliverability issues.

You might understand our pride and excitement about this event in full if you know the sheer scope of Oracle as a tech corporation. Being selected to participate in this Oracle conference is a great opportunity for us to show the world what we do!

EasyDMARC came to Oracle’s attention via a screening process conducted by their risk management and due diligence teams. We were selected among our competitors to represent the B2B email security sector at Oracles “Meet the Startups” conference. 

Oracle’s tweet mentions us, EasyDMARC, as one of the startups vanquishing email scams and helping to fight cybercrime.

It’s worth noting that only three companies will participate in this prestigious event, including CopSonic, a French company specializing in digital audio solutions for the past 20 years. It was one of the first companies to develop mixing on mp3 players and audio effects in 1996.

Meterian is the other company participating at the event. This startup builds tools for developers to create workflows matching their goals, preferences, and circumstances. 

What is Oracle for Startups?

Oracle organizes training conferences and some of the biggest startup events in the industry. The “Meet the Startups” conference is designed for industry analysts. It provides insights and knowledge on challenges, opportunities, unique startup solutions, and much more.

Oracle for Startups delivers transformative solutions to customers by mixing startup creativity with enterprise resources.

In addition to  holding some of the biggest startup events, the Oracle for Startups program gives startups the opportunity to:

  • Scale business engagement and co-sell with Oracle’s global customer base
  • Access experienced mentoring and a virtual curriculum
  • Increase exposure via global marketing
  • Engage with Oracle’s customers (430,000+)

What’s Ahead?

It’s no news that EasyDMARC has always approached customer protection with special care. So, we’re excited to see what we can offer during the event and what we can get in exchange.

Follow our website for further updates on EasyDMARC, company news, and email security coverage!

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