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 Monetizing Email Security:’s DMARC Success Story

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Monetizing Email security

Explore the shared story of and EasyDMARC!

“DMARC is an attractive service offering in our portfolio. Our website’s SEO is also on the rise, particularly for terms like SPF and DMARC in South Africa. As a result, our visibility in search results for SPF and DMARC-related queries is quite high.Our split between using DMARC for lead generation and cross-selling is 50/50. We have clients who specifically seek DMARC services, and for them, we provide DMARC alongside other offerings like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. On the other hand, we also have clients approaching us for Microsoft-related services, and in those cases, the company integrates DMARC into the package. ”.



HQ: Johannesburg, South Africa

Founded: 2001

Industry: Managed Service Provider began its journey as a managed service provider specializing in cloud cybersecurity, with a particular focus on emails from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Recognizing the vital importance of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC in ensuring both email deliverability and security, they seamlessly integrated these offerings into their product stack. 

Additionally, provides training on Google Workspace through platforms, like Udemy. In these training sessions, they guide individuals on the deployment of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed for effective email management and security.’s approach is centered on specialization rather than offering a multitude of products, allowing them to excel in what they do.

DISCOVERING EASYDMARC started with another company first, and they hadn’t figured out the MSP model properly. It didn’t make sense from a pricing point of view, deployment point of view, or anything else. The mismatch prompted them to seek an alternative, leading them to discover EasyDMARC.

 The transition to EasyDMARC has proven beneficial. The platform’s pricing structure, deployment processes, and overall functionality made more sense for their requirements. 

One standout aspect has been the professionalism and responsiveness of EasyDMARC’s support team. They consistently provide thorough explanations to’s questions.


Understanding DMARC is straightforward for’s team, but it’s a bit like explaining a magic trick to clients. “You say, ‘You put this DNS record, it starts monitoring, another record sends emails to junk, and yet another blocks them.’ It feels like there’s no visible software doing this. It’s a bit like convincing someone that an invisible shield is real—it’s challenging to convey that DMARC is a tangible and effective solution despite its intangible feel,” said Paul Ogier, Co-founder at

MAIN MOTIVATION FOR MSPS’ END USERS’s clients approach them with different concerns. Some have struggled with poor email deliverability, and the company’s response involves addressing their SPF and DKIM configurations, followed by the implementation of DMARC. Others have experienced domain spoofing incidents, receiving fraudulent invoices with a change of banking details. For them, the key driver is to prevent such security breaches from happening again. The third category includes companies undergoing a transition. They may have been using traditional POP emails and decide to enhance their security by migrating to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. In this process, they proactively enable SPF and DKIM and express interest in incorporating DMARC as a crucial layer of protection they’ve heard about.


It’s a 50/50 split for The company has clients who specifically seek DMARC services, and for them, they provide DMARC alongside other offerings like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. On the other hand, they also have clients approaching them for Microsoft-related services, and in those cases, the company integrates DMARC into the package.

Why EasyDMARC?

According to, what sets EasyDMARC apart from the competition is its user-friendly reporting system. Many competitors provide detailed reports, which can be overwhelming for users seeking simplicity. They want to quickly determine whether their email security is functioning correctly without delving into complex reports. EasyDMARC has successfully streamlined this process, making the essential aspects of DMARC easily understandable and user-friendly.


Paul Ogier, the co-founder at, finds the deployment process to be nice and straightforward. Unlike many other companies that often bombard users with numerous questions about their preferred setup, EasyDMARC stands out by providing a predefined DNS record. This generic record, starting with ‘P= none,’ offers a quick start, simplifying the initial setup significantly. As a technical person, Paul appreciates the advantage of having this foundation in place. 

“After deployment, you have the option to gather more information and implement additional features. While there may be a need for more layers or customization down the line, the well-thought-out starting point with pre-made configurations is the most valuable asset for me. The recent addition of MTA-STS is particularly commendable. It’s something many companies overlook, but EasyDMARC took the initiative to implement it, which I find wonderful. Another feature I enjoy is the handling of SPF flattening by EasySPF. Not all DMARC vendors offer SPF flattening, and it is an outdated approach, considering the current landscape in 2023 where organizations often have more than ten email sending sources. EasyDMARC has a forward-thinking approach, and it resonates well with us,” stated Paul Ogier.

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