DMARC Aggregate Reports

DMARC XML Report Analyzer

Quickly find issues or misuse with our DMARC monitoring tool. We collect, filter, group, sort, and enrich the reports for easy, prioritized analysis and notify you once an issue is detected. You'll be able to inspect the issue and take action to resolve it. Upload an XML file to see the Analyzer’s work in action.
DMARC Aggregate Reports Sample

What is DMARC Aggregate Report?

DMARC Aggregate Report provides visibility into real-world email streams that Domain Owners have to make informed decisions regarding the publication of DMARC policy. When Domain Owners know what legitimate mail they're sending, what the authentication results are on that mail, and what forged mail receivers have gotten, they will make better decisions about the policies they have and therefore the steps they have to require to enable those policies.
When Domain Owners set policies appropriately and understand their effects, Mail Receivers can act on them confidently. Visibility comes with daily (or more frequent) Mail Receiver-originated reports that contain aggregate data on message streams relevant to the Domain Owner. This information includes data about messages that passed DMARC authentication as well as those that did not.