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Achieving Better Cyber Insurance Terms: LifeScape’s Success with EasyDMARC

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LifeScape & EasyDmarc


Headquarters: Sioux Falls, South Dakoda


Founded: 2014

Industry: Non-profit Organization

LifeScape is an organization that assists individuals with disabilities, offering services from birth through adulthood. The company provides support for a range of mental, physical disabilities, and more. LifeScape has been in existence for 10 years, formed through the merger of two different organizations. One had been on site for 55 years, while the other had been operating for 60 years.


Dan Luke, the IT director, was faced with the DMARC requirement during last year’s cyber insurance signing. Knowing little about it, he started looking into solutions and stumbled upon EasyDMARC. Impressed by its simplicity, he reached out, and the rest is history. Along the way, Dan also discovered SPF and DKIM, which he decided to implement together. His choice was based on checking reviews and EasyDMARC just seemed to stand out.


“What caught my attention was honestly the onboarding process. It was incredibly quick and easy to get things up and running. Once set up, I found that I didn’t have to do much with it on an ongoing basis; it’s pretty self-sufficient. During the onboarding, I had to add a new DMARC record for a domain we started sending bulk emails from. The support team was right there to assist, and they got it sorted out swiftly. Overall, EasyDMARC’s seamless onboarding, minimal maintenance, and responsive support have made it a great choice for us,” stated Dan Luke.

The Outcome

Dan noted that he definitely knows that the number of phishing and copycat emails has dropped significantly. At LifeScape, they now feel much more secure on the email side. Additionally, the email deliverability rate has noticeably improved.

“I am not sure how DMARC affected our price for the cyber insurance, as my CEO handles it. I just fill out the IT-related questions there, and he goes into negotiating. However, it was definitely one of the higher-ranked requirements to have DMARC on our emails. As a result, we have better prices for our cyber insurance. Additionally, our email security has improved, and our deliverability has also enhanced,” Dan added.

“EasyDMARC is the perfect description because it’s incredibly easy to implement and enroll. I can’t recall the exact timeframe, but I believe it was about 90 days, and we were fully implemented, reaching the reject policy.”

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