Case Study: Topsec | EasyDMARC

Case Study: Topsec

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Topsec Partners with EasyDMARC to Help Tackle Surging Email Cybersecurity Threats

About the Client

Topsec Cloud Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based managed email and web security solutions, offering a range of services to a large and diverse international client base. Founded in 2002, the company has evolved over the years, leveraging the scalability of cloud-based solutions to deliver best-in-class security services that are affordable for businesses of all sizes. Topsec is a division of Top Security Group, an international company with over three decades of experience in the security industry.

Topsec offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed email security services that are useful for a range of purposes, from eliminating malicious content to flagging potentially compromised credentials. By helping clients secure and manage their business information, Topsec aims to be an integral part of its customers’ teams, monitoring clients’ emails around the clock and providing excellent customer service.

As a trusted provider of email security solutions, Topsec is constantly adapting to the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape to ensure that it can meet the growing demand for more robust domain protection and management services.

The Challenge

As an end-to-end email solution provider, Topsec used to advise clients on DMARC implementation and platform selection. However, in 2020, it did not offer DMARC services itself.

Niall Mackey | Commercial Director, Topsec

As the COVID pandemic accelerated the need for DMARC. Topsec’s own data showed a massive 600% increase in email security attacks through the period. Around 45% of these emails used spoofed domains, which DMARC enforcement would prevent.

Topsec identified the critical demand for DMARC services and realized they needed a DMARC tool to be incorporated into their new Managed DMARC Service. Topsec turned to the market to find potential DMARC partners. On its list of criteria, it wanted to find companies that were easy to deal with, delivered excellent value for money, and offered user-friendly platforms.

A secondary challenge was the requirement to educate clients on the importance of DMARC. Many companies held the misconception that simple SPF records were sufficient. Along with increased phishing and spoofing attempts came stricter requirements for domain evaluation and email deliverability. It has therefore become increasingly important for businesses to implement DMARC.

The Solution: EasyDMARC’s MSP Partner Program 

EasyDMARC proposed a comprehensive DMARC solution that addressed its need for a user-friendly, cost-effective platform. After evaluating several vendors, Topsec found that EasyDMARC’s MSP Partner Program offered all of the features it sought, combined with competitive pricing. It was an attractive choice for both the company and its customers.

The EasyDMARC portal simplified DMARC implementation and management for Topsec and its clients, making the entire process significantly easier compared to competing DMARC solutions. The platform enabled customers to monitor and maintain their email security with minimal effort, saving them valuable time and resources.

By offering a reliable and straightforward DMARC solution, EasyDMARC effectively addressed Topsec’s challenges and allowed them to continue to add crucial domain management and protection services to its existing best-in-class email security.

Niall Mackey | Commercial Director, Topsec

The Results:

Increased Deliverability and Less Spam for Topsec’s Clients

Since offering DMARC services, 50% of Topsec’s customers have decided to implement DMARC and use the Topsec Managed DMARC Service incorporating EasyDMARC. Customers have reported seeing the improvements immediately after implementing DMARC, with increased deliverability and decreased spam cited as the main benefits.

DMARC as a Competitive Advantage: Topsec’s Success Story

But for Topsec, adding DMARC to its list of services has proven to be timely for lead generation too. Heightened awareness around DMARC has led to an influx of inquiries about compliance. Some businesses even reported it as a requirement for certain cybersecurity insurance packages, and others saw DMARC flagged in cybersecurity audits.

DMARC has become an important component of Topsec’s outbound campaigns and features prominently in their regular webinars, which help to demystify the subject and educate customers on its importance. This increased focus on DMARC attracted new clients who initially sought DMARC solutions and subsequently became managed email customers.


The cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and businesses of all sizes can no longer afford to ignore the need for robust security measures. DMARC is an integral part of this shift, and it is anticipated that it will soon become a next-to-mandatory requirement for organizations.

By partnering with EasyDMARC, Topsec has positioned itself at the forefront of this change, solidifying its reputation as a leading provider of cloud-based managed email and web security solutions.

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