Case Study: Jules Webb | EasyDMARC

Case Study: Jules Webb

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The story about how EasyDMARC helped Jules Webb, our MSP customer, ensure safety for her customers!

About the Customer

Headquarters: Kingsman, AZ


Industry: IT Services

The Company

Jules Webb works one-on-one with business owners to build effective, user-friendly websites custom-tailored to fit their business goals and needs. Along with that, she provides other IT services making sure customers are safe and secure online.


The Challenge

Here is what a Webb customer said about the MSP’s decision to use EasyDMARC.

“Jules was concerned about her customers’ email security.  Even as an MSP customer, she spotted that a couple of people were trying to use her email domain every week. She wanted to stop other people from spoofing her customers, as well as protect their suppliers and end-users because she knew the effect could be devastating for them.

There was another service that Jules was using. However, she was not happy with it, as it was too complicated and expensive.”


The Outcome

A couple of years ago, Jules found EasyDMARC and checked the interface. She started gradually moving things over to us.

“EasyDMARC provided me with a less expensive path to security. They walked me through the process and ensured a great experience for me. I like the interface and value the fact that the company constantly adds more features and tools. 

I always choose the best things for my clients. EasyDMARC is one of these smart decisions.”

JulesWebb 800x
Jules Webb | MSP Manager, Jules Webb

As stated by Jules, with EasyDMARC, she secures her customers without even going to her dashboard. She goes through her weekly email and checks out any threats. If something needs a closer look, she then goes to her dashboard.


  • Customers’ Domain and Email Security
  • Easy-to-understand Reporting
  • Visibility into Outgoing Email Infrastructure

What’s Your Next Step?

Did Jules Webb story inspire you to achieve your email security goals? Contact us for more information or read other case studies to gain more insight into how EasyDMARC helps businesses.

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