Case Study: akaCRM | EasyDMARC

Case Study: akaCRM

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The story of how EasyDMARC ensured akaCRM client safety!

About the customer

Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO

Founded: 2009


Industry: Consultancy Services

“As a consultancy firm, we deal with a lot of customer data. Keeping all personal data strictly confidential and handling it in a secure way is our top priority”. 

Brent Mellow | President and CEO, akaCRM

The Company

akaCRM is a professional services firm that provides comprehensive advisory, implementation, and managed support services for Salesforce®, Conga®, and leading ecosystem application providers. 

The Challenge

The company deals with customer data, and ensuring security is extremely important to them. They wanted to protect their customers’ data from phishing attacks. 

They were using SPF and DKIM, but they felt the measures taken were insufficient and they needed professional consultancy. 

The Outcome

akaCRM contacted EasyDMARC after discovering that we’re not just an automated service, but come with professional consultancy. As stated by the customer, they now have the confidence and peace of mind that their domain and emails are more secure than ever. A catastrophic phishing attack is no longer a looming threat.

“ The EasyDMARC support team has solid sector expertise. They walked us through the process and explained everything. In fact, I would recommend EasyDMARC to everybody.” | Brent Mellow, President and CEO, akaCRM


  • Domain and Email Security
  • Customer Trust and Confidence
  • Peace of Mind

What’s Your Next Step?

Do you want to improve customer trust like akaCRM didContact us for more information or read other case studies to gain more insight on how EasyDMARC helps businesses.

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Anush is a firm believer in the potential of PR to spread cybersecurity awareness worldwide, and she is on a fantastic journey to make that happen!


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