Deploy your DMARC record and add the monitoring for your domain in 3 steps


  1. Register and add your domain in
    Add your domain under monitoring
    Add your domain under monitoring



  2. Generate your DMARC record with DMARC record generator (suggested by the service)

    DMARC record generator
    DMARC record generator
  3. Publish generated record into your DNS.


Login to your DNS provider and go to the section “manage DNS” (or other).

Create a new TXT record for the domain(s) you’d like to add and use the following values:

Record: Fill this with “_dmarc”.

Please note the underscore  is important  and is required.

Type: The DNS record type should be “TXT”Value: The value of the record is generated on the Add Domain page. This starts with “v=DMARC1”

Store the record

Use our awesome tools to monitor and secure your domain. The Domain Health Check executes hundreds of domain/blacklist/ssl  tests to make sure all your systems are online and secure.  The report returns results for your domain and highlights critical problem areas for your domain that need to be resolved.

After done you need to wait for day or two to start receive DMARC aggregated reports. Aggregated reports will be automatically analyzed by EasyDMARC and you can receive important notifications and alerts.

Here is the small example of visualised report:

dmarc aggregate report
DMARC aggregate report


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For more details you can check RFC.