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EasyDMARC-Your data-driven email protection tools

Easydmarc’s email protection SaaS platform has amazing solutions for individuals and organizations of all sizes. It is more than just email protection tool or report, it is Your data-driven solution that helps to secure YOUR domain, makes DMARC easy to understand, adapt, and maintain. Easydmarc continues growing DMARC across the Internet. Easydmarc helps you to monitor and understand Your domain as much as possible.

Do you want to secure your domain from phishing and improve your domain reputation? Do you already have insight in who is sending mail on behalf of your domains?

Start using Easydmarc to prevent Your business from phishing attacks. 

The first step is to start with a simple “monitoring-mode” record for a sub-domain or domain.  DMARC receivers send you statistics about messages they see using your (sub-)domain.

Stop worrying about spams and frauds. Get started Now with EasyDmarc.

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