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EasyDMARC email security solution

EasyDMARC is a data driven email security solution to protect your domain and organization from phishing attacks. Phishing is the number 1 cybersecurity problem nowadays.

Numbers about phishing and email fraud are huge:

  • The average financial cost of a data breach is $3.86m (IBM)
  • Phishing accounts for 90% of data breaches
  • 15% of people successfully phished will be targeted at least one more time within the year
  • BEC scams accounted for over $12 billion in losses (FBI)
  • Phishing attempts have grown 65% in the last year
  • Cybercriminals are creating around 1.5m new phishing sites each month (Webroot)
  • 76% of businesses reporting about being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year
  • Users opening 30% of phishing messages  (Verizon)

EasyDMARC’s email protection SaaS platform has amazing solutions for individuals and organizations of all sizes. So it is more than just an email protection tool or report, it is your data-driven solution that helps to secure YOUR domain, makes DMARC easy to understand, adapt, and maintain. EasyDMARC continues growing DMARC across the Internet. EasyDMARC helps you to monitor and understand Your domain as much as possible.

We provide flexible tools and AI powered data classification and visualization to enhance your domain security and mitigate security risks.

easydmarc tools for email and domain protection

Do you want to improve your email security, protect your domain from phishing and improve your domain reputation? Do you already have insight in who is sending mail on behalf of your domains?

Start using EasyDMARC email security solution to prevent Your business from phishing attacks.

The first step is to start with a simple “monitoring-mode” record for a sub-domain or domain.  DMARC receivers send you statistics about messages they see using your (sub-)domain.


Check Your Domain

No Additional Resources Needed – Only EasyDMARC Platform

We believe that EVERYONE should have the right to comprehend and interpret email security related data easily. You don’t need to have expert knowledge to use the EasyDMARC platform! It allows you to identify and track who is sending unauthorized emails using your company’s email domain and keep your team alert on ongoing phishing attacks. 


Benefits of EasyDMARC Solutions

  1. DMARC solution protects against phishing and makes emails trustworthy.
  2. It is the best for reputation and revenue protection. Prevent customer and money loss by protecting your data properly.
  3. Your employees get alerts about active attacks while immediately identifying the sources.
  4. By using DMARC, you increase the probability of reaching the inbox (vs. ending up in the spam). Furthermore, you get improved inbox placement and campaign performance.
  5. It is built on top of established authentication standards and this is the first solution, which provides a reporting element and real policy controls.
  6. Fast integration (with NO access to your confidential data).
  7. You don’t need expert knowledge!
  8. EasyDMARC platform is user-friendly and the reports are easy to understand.
  9. All the risks are minimized with the EasyDMARC platform.


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