Email Security Company EasyDMARC Closes a $2.3 Million Seed Round Led by Acrobator Ventures | EasyDMARC

Email Security Company EasyDMARC Closes a $2.3 Million Seed Round Led by Acrobator Ventures

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EasyDMARC Founders Gerasim and Avag

EasyDMARC is a B2B SaaS solution that makes email authentication simple for small and medium businesses in Finance, Education, Nonprofit, and Healthcare. It guards domain and email infrastructure from phishing (email spoofing) attacks and increases email deliverability.

Verison DBIR 2021 mentions that 93% of the world’s successful cyberattacks were carried out through phishing emails. How to escape this statistic? – Authenticate your emails!

The fast-growing DMARC protocol does the same for email as “https” did for the web (replacing “http”). In short, it secures the business email ecosystem from bad actors. With EasyDMARC, the protocol implementation becomes a breeze.

EasyDMARC has been self-sustaining for the last two years. Now, it’s successfully closed a seed funding round of $2.3 million, led by Acrobator Ventures (Joachim Laqueur), Formula VC, and a US-based public security company (the name is confidential).

In a nutshell, EasyDMARC helps businesses to:

  • Gain visibility to their business email environment
  • Control their business identity
  • Secure their operations and communication
  • Improve email deliverability

“The internet’s only sovereign and independent communication method, email, has always been a hard and convoluted problem. Although you yourself own and manage your business email infrastructure (no large corporation or government involved), the channel is still weak and non-secure,” says EasyDMARC’s co-founder, Gerasim Hovhannisyan. “We strive to deliver the best all-in-one solution against business email compromise, data leaks, and financial loss.”

Many small and medium business owners compromise their business security because they don’t have (or can’t afford) IT teams. Plus, they sometimes consciously choose to avoid email security-related technicalities.

Avag Arakelyan, EasyDMARC’s co-founder and CTO, mentions:

“Anyone can use our product – no need for an IT expert or lengthy technical processes. Our user gains access to the powerful data classification algorithms that ensure risk-free security hardening in just a few steps.”

EasyDMARC’s clients include world-renown companies like Toyota, Picsart, Panasonic, Ferrari, and many others. In fact, it has already secured 30,000 businesses from 130 countries. In the last 2 years, the company mitigated more than 82 million threats.

“Cyberattacks have an increasing toll on our lives both privately, commercially, and at the government level. With over 300 billion emails sent daily, email is the most exposed security lapse. DMARC puts a layer of security in place but is hard to implement well.

Geras, Avag, and their team are on a mission to make it easy for companies to protect their domains and ensure emails land where they should. Growing at almost 3x the market growth rate, this team from Armenia is doing something special,” says Joachim Laqueur, partner at Acrobator Ventures.

The market for DMARC is huge. Just imagine: there are 250 million active domains worldwide, and only 10 million use the protocol. Indeed, DMARC adoption is gaining traction: take the growth from 6 million active domains in 2021. However, with the rumors of DMARC becoming mandatory in 2025-26 (just like it happened with the “https” protocol back in the day), the projected market expansion is massive.

“We believe in a secure internet environment for businesses, and EasyDMARC, led by Gerasim and Avag and backed by their great team, is on the way to solve one of the critical issues out there,” mentions Karen Vardanyan, partner at Formula VC in his statement.

EasyDMARC has taken the world not only in terms of clientele but also with its international team present on almost all the continents (minus Australia and Antarctica). The new investment round will definitely push the boundaries for EasyDMARC to fight against social engineering attacks and make the world more secure.

“We are proud to back EasyDMARC at their seed stage. We have been working with this team since the early days and are delighted to see it’s becoming one of the key players in the industry.” Grigor Hovhannisyan, partner at Formula VC.

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Hasmik talks about DMARC, email security, and cyberawareness. She finds joy in turning tough technical concepts into approachable and fun articles in plain language.


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