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EasySPF eliminates the tedious tasks during SPF setup. Here’s how:

Add the SPF record on DNS once.

Manage from a centralized interface

Solve 10 DNS lookup limitations.

Optimize the record without syntax knowledge

Avoid the risk of configuration errors

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Why Choose EasySPF?

One-Time SPF Setup in DNS

Updating an SPF record to depict all your sending sources can be a time-consuming task, especially when you’re just setting up your email authentication protocols.

EasySPF eliminates the constant back and forth to your DNS provider. Set up the record once, and the further changes you make in our platform will be automatically depicted in the DNS.

Centralized SPF Management

The challenge of configuring, monitoring, and keeping an SPF record up-to-date is real, especially for companies with multiple sending sources and domains.

EasySPF simplifies adding new sources and updating existing ones. It also takes multiple domain SPF record management to a new level due to its straightforward and easy-to-use design.

Solve SPF Lookup Limit

"Too many DNS lookups” permerror is one of the most common issues in SPF record management and results in an immediate protocol failure.

EasySPF uses a dynamic SPF flattening algorithm that swaps the domain includes in your record with IP addresses. This feature also detects and applies changes to ensure your record is up to date.

No Syntax Knowledge Necessary

SPF syntax is quite straightforward, but making frequent changes during SPF configuration can result in small errors that could break your SPF record.

EasySPF offers an intuitive way to add or remove sending sources to your record. You don’t need to see the SPF syntax after copying and pasting the record into your DNS provider.

No Configuration Errors

Working with a raw record is tricky. Miss a colon or a space, and you’ll be left with a record that doesn’t work.

EasySPF takes all the configuration processes into a streamlined process, where adding a new source is as easy as selecting the source from a dropdown menu and clicking a few buttons.

More Benefits of  EasySPF

Keep your SPF Up-To-Date

SPF records can contain outdated data and sources. EasySPF feature allows you to integrate DMARC Aggregate reports to ensure your whitelisted sources match the current ones you use.

Automate for Team Productivity

Your email sending sources stem from all ESPs and mailboxes used in your organization. Pinpointing and gathering all of them is a team effort. Use EasySPF to speed up SPF configuration process.

Keep the Necessary Sources

While the team needs to give some input, misinformation related to the sources included in the SPF record can become an issue. EasySPF eliminates the chaos and puts you on top of SPF configuration.

Become Proficient in Source Whitelisting

Managing email sources can become cumbersome. We’ve made your SPF configuration journey a breeze. With a single click, whitelist your email source, then rinse and repeat until you list them all.

Make Your DMARC Journey Simple With EasyDMARC