Solve SPF "Too Many DNS Lookups" Issue Causing "Permerror"

Take your email sending sources management to a whole new level by using our enhanced EasySPF tool. Ensure your domain whitelists only sources that your team members actually send emails from.Solve SPF "Too many DNS lookups" issue causing "Permerror" with EasySPF.


SPF Records can contain outdated data or sources

Integrate your actual DMARC Aggregate report data to make sure that you only whitelist sources that you actually send emails from.

Managing sources usually takes time

With a single click, whitelist the email source provider(e.g. Google, Microsoft365, etc.).

Misinformation related to SPF records can become an issue.

Ensure your domain whitelists only sources that are actually needed by using our EasySPF functionality.

Collaboration within the team boosts productivity

Use EasySPF to allow your team members to make notes in regard to specific sources.

SPF "Too many DNS lookups"

Overcome "Too many DNS lookups" issue
causing "permerror" result by optimizing your
SPF record.

SPF can exceed
10 DNS lookup limitation

Add, remove, update lots of email service providers without being concerned about SPF 10 DNS lookup limitation.

emails can be lost

Mitigate and avoid outgoing emails loss by automatically authorizing new email sending sources even when your DMARC policy is "quarantine" or "reject".