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BIMI SVG Logo Converter

Use this tool to convert BIMI SVG images and logos to BIMI-compatible SVG Tiny P/S format


What is BIMI Logo Converter?

The logo referenced by a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) record must be in a specific SVG Tiny Portable/Secure (SVG P/S) format. Existing graphic design software and generator tools don't support that format yet. EasyDMARC provides a tool to fix SVG Tiny 1.2 issues and convert SVG Tiny 1.2 images, logos to BIMI-compatible SVG P/S images..

How to create a BIMI SVG logo?

The logo must be vector-based. This can be discussed with your graphic designer.

The logo Format must be SVG Tiny 1.2.

The logo dimension must be square.

The BIMI logo must be published on a website with an SSL Certificate (https:// and NOT http://).

With that in mind, you can create your BIMI SVG Logo in multiple ways:

Using our free online SVG Converter tool, where we take everything into consideration and automatically perform the changes required for your logo to be BIMI Compliant. *Some logos contain multiple issues that are incompatible with our system.

If you’re having trouble using our BIMI SVG Converter tool to convert your files, you can perform every change manually with our step-by-step guide using InkScape.

Troubleshooting the BIMI SVG Logo

Our system uses RNC Schema for BIMI SVG logo verification.
If your logo contains issues or doesn't meet the applicable requirements, you’ll find a list of errors (one per line). The most common errors include:

value of attribute "version" is invalid; must be equal to "1.2"

element "svg" missing required attribute "baseProfile"

missing required element "title"

In order to fix the issues, always focus on early errors as resolving them often clear up issues reported later in the list. For example, the value of attribute "version" is invalid; must be equal to "1.2" indicates that your logo is not BIMI SVG Tiny 1.2. Rectifying that error might cause other issues (not all) to disappear as well.

One of the most occurring issues with the BIMI SVG Logo is the usage of bitmap images in the logo file.

To find out if that’s the case, follow these steps:

Download your logo.

Open the SVG file on Notepad (Windows) or other Text Editor file.

Check or Find the word “/img” or “base64.”

If the search returns a result, it means your logo contains an external bitmap image that should be deleted.

In order to fix the above case, contact your designer to modify the file so that it’s fully vector-based.

DO's and DON’Ts for BIMI SVG Tiny P/S Document


Verify that your logo is BIMI compatible using EasyDMARC's BIMI Record Checker

Use  EasyDMARC's BIMI Logo Converter  or external apps such as Adobe, InkScape or any SVG tool. to get a BIMI Compliant SVG logo


Host your logo on a website that doesn't contain an SSL certificate

Use a logo which contains external images (href=”data:img/png;base64)

Implement BIMI if your domain’s DMARC Policy is still set on None (p=none). BIMI works once you have a DMARC Policy in place (such as p=quarantine or p=reject)

Want to simplify the implementation and monitoring?