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What is a BIMI Record Generator?

EasyDMARC's BIMI Record Generator tool is particularly made to make the BIMI implementation process easy and fast. Simply enter your SVG logo’s URL and VMC URL(optional) and our system takes care of the rest.

Why Do You Need a BIMI Generator?

Our BIMI Generator tool easily generates your BIMI Record, and identifies any core issues (either with your SVG logo, DMARC policy, or other factors) prior to DNS implementation. Additionally, you’ll see a simulation of how your brand’s logo will appear in the email clients that support BIMI.

How to Implement BIMI in 5 Easy Steps

To implement BIMI, you need to:

Make sure your DMARC policy is set on enforcement mode (p=quarantine or p=reject).

Generate the appropriate SVG image that meets the standard of tiny-PS. You can use our BIMI Logo Converter tool or follow this article

Host the logo on a secure web server.

Acquire a VMC for your logo. (Currently, this is optional, but a required step if you want your logo to be visible in Gmail).

Implement the required TXT Record for BIMI in your DNS. You can use our BIMI Generator tool to achieve this.

To make the transition to BIMI as simple as possible, we've partnered with Digicert, a Google-approved Verified Mark Certificate provider. The BIMI procedure from EasyDMARC helps both marketing and IT departments become certified fast and confidently. For more information contact our support team.

Want to simplify the implementation and monitoring?