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Phishing Attacks

Small and Midsize Businesses lack the IT personnel and budget to possess the high-class security to prevent email phishing attacks. EasyDMARC provides you with an enterprise-class security and compliance solution. It protects your end users against phishing threats before they even reach the inbox.

on Your Business

EasyDMARC is ideal for SMBs with limited IT resources. With the modern and user-friendly solution, your administrators can quickly and easily complete management tasks and focus on more strategic goals. Our technical support experts are always there for you, whenever you need them.

Stay Compliant 
with Regulations

It’s critical to prevent customer sensitive information from leaving your organization. EasyDMARC automatically works in the background and keeps your organization compliant and sends emails securely.

of using EasyDMARC

Visibility of all your email flow

Control over email sending services

Security of email sending domain

Delivery Delivery increase by becoming legitimate sender

Why EasyDMARC?

EasyDMARC Saas platform provides necessary mechanisms to increase email marketing campaign deliverability, visibility, brand protection, reputation, and confidence. Brand reputation depends directly on how easy phishers can attack a company or its customers.

Aggregate reporting

Comprehensive Aggregate Reporting

Aggregate reports provide complete range visibility into the health of a company's email sending infrastructure and help them detect authentication issues and/or malicious activity. With Aggregate reporting you can:
  • Get automatically generated analytics of authenticated and unauthenticated emails against DMARC.

  • Get an overview of email traffic

  • Use advanced filtering for deep analysis

  • Get a geographic overview of email traffic with a beautiful map visualization.

  • Determine who’s sending email on behalf of your organization

Failure Reports

Failure (forensic) report is actually a copy of the email that failed DMARC validation and is sent immediately after the authentication failure is detected. With Failure reports you can:
  • Get reports about the sending IP source, SPF, and DKIM results

  • Get reports immediately after the authentication failure is detected

  • Get email headers; including: from, to, subject, and other custom header information

  • Receive comprehensive information about the failed message

Failure reports
Easy spf


With multiple email sending sources, most of them requiring their own SPF mechanism to be included in your SPF record, you can quickly reach the 10 DNS lookups limit and cause “permerror” results. With EasySPF you can:
  • Have unlimited SPF DNS lookups

  • Repair your SPF record

  • Add, remove, update unlimited email service providers

  • Mitigate and avoid outgoing emails loss caused by “permerror.”

Advanced Security

Security should not be complicated, but it must be strong. Your account safety is our first priority. With Advanced Security you can:
  • Keep your account extra secure with 2-Factor Authentication

  • Setup your Identity Provider's settings to use Single Sign-on

  • Have IP whitelisting and safelisting

Failure reports
User access managment

User Access Management

Domain management by different users with different accounts contains security risks. Organizations, on the other hand, need to delegate management functions among team members. EasyDMARC provides an opportunity to delegate all duties safely without sharing sensitive information by giving co-workers different roles. With User Access Management you can:
  • Grant role-based access to your co-workers

  • Delegate your domain management to your team members

  • Manage panel for activity monitoring

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