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Email Security-as-a-Service

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Email security is one of the most important aspects of any business.

Why? Because email is the go-to method of communication for scheduling meetings, sending internal team memos, and conversing with clients.

Email and business go together like peanut butter and jelly — steadily increasing the number of emails sent and received globally since 2017.

And there’s no slowing down, with models predicting 376.4 billion daily emails worldwide by 2025.

More often than not, your team is sharing sensitive data or proprietary company information that should never see the light of day outside of your inbox.

Yet, sadly, 93% of all hacking attacks and data breaches stem from email.

Whether you’re a large, global corporation or a small business with a basic email infrastructure, your communication must be safeguarded. That’s where email security as a service comes into play.

This article will cover what email security as a service is, why it’s so important for your business, and how you can choose the right provider for your organization.

Let’s dive in.

What is Email Security as a Service? 

Email security as a service is a method for organizations to protect their email services from the dangers of phishing, malware, and other threats.

In the past, these security measures sat with an organization’s IT department. Nowadays, however, most companies are outsourcing it to an expert third-party email security provider.

The hybrid workplace makes startups appealing targets for cyber attacks. 

Why? Because it’s increasingly challenging to track every employee’s email usage, especially with more than 306 billion emails being sent daily. 

And keeping track of all the new phishing threats that are constantly popping up left and right is both challenging and a significant drain on resources. 

With email security as a service, you can get your anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing protection, and more without paying for any additional hardware or software.  

Plus, it lets your IT department focus on other things, like upgrading your data center infrastructure or implementing change data capture for real-time data movement.

Why is Email Security Important?

Email is one of the most common communication methods, and it’s a staple in just about every business technology arsenal. But if you’re not taking the time to secure your email, you could be putting your business at risk.

In 2022, the average cost of a data breach rose to $4.35 million. That’s not a drop in the bucket. A loss like that can quickly run your large enterprise business into the red.

Unfortunately, the damage doesn’t stop there. Data breaches also impact your reputation, which is almost impossible to rebuild after losing consumer trust.

Suppose you run an investment website that handles sensitive information. In that case, a client will think better of doing business with an organization that cares about security and data protection (over one that has historically had problems with data security).

Here are a few more reasons email security is so important:

  1. Email is an easy attack vector. Because an email message transmits over unsecured channels, it makes them vulnerable to attacks that could compromise your security.
  2. Email is a trusted source of communication for many people and businesses. People don’t think twice about sending highly sensitive information over email, making it a gold mine for phishing and malware attacks. 
  3. Email is a gateway point. Gaining access to a business email account could open a gateway into other aspects of your business operations — like databases or customer lists — that’d otherwise be protected by other means like physical access control and passwords.

Top Email Security Features

When shopping around for an email security service, keep a list of must-have features in mind to save you time and ensure you get the best protection for your business.

These features include encryption, malware protection, and spam filtering to secure your email from hackers, phishing scams, and spam messages.

They may also help increase productivity by allowing employees to spend less time sorting through junk or spam emails.

Here are some must-have features to enhance your email security best practices:

  • Email anti-virus and anti-phishing
  • TLS encryption for emails
  • Inbound/outbound scanning and spam filtering
  • Mailbox-level security policy management and enforcement
  • Advanced moderation and reporting tools
  • Secure, fast, and reliable email functionality

Keep your email security from going by the wayside. Without the proper controls, hackers are ready to pounce on your vulnerabilities.

EasyDMARC Email Security Services

If you’re having trouble keeping spam out or worried about data breaches and hacks in your inbox, it may be time to invest in email security services. 

These services can help protect your business communication, clients, and partners from bad actors by keeping phishing at bay.

The EasyDMARC SaaS platform gives you powerful tools to improve your email campaigns’ deliverability, brand protection, and business reputation.

More than 30,000 organizations use EasyDMARC from 130 countries. It gives your company access to all the key email security features and benefits you need:

  • Visibility over your entire email flow
  • Control of email-sending sources
  • Security of the email-sending domain
  • Increase delivery by becoming a legitimate sender

Try EasyDMARC free for 14 days to evaluate all of EasyDMARC’s email security features and select the right plan for your organization’s needs.

Wrapping up

The bottom line is that email is still the most widely used form of communication in the world, and we’re not likely to see that change anytime soon. 

It’s important for companies of all sizes to take extra precautions regarding their email security.

By choosing the proper email security as a service, you can sleep better at night knowing that your data is safe and secure from bad actors.

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