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How To Add DMARC Record To GoDaddy in 3 easy steps

E-mail authentication plays an important role to allow e-mail receiver identify the sender. Obviously, DMARC is one of the best industry solutions to prevent your business domain from phishing and email fraud.

In this post we will show you how to create GoDaddy DNS DMARC record in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Generate DMARC Record

First, you should generate a DMARC record. In fact, you can generate one with EasyDMARC’s free tool:


DMARC record you should get looks like:

v=DMARC1; p=reject; rua=mailto:[email protected]; ruf=mailto:[email protected]; sp=none;

Step 2 – Get into Manage DNS

Second, you need to log in your GoDaddy account:

Sing in to create GoDaddy DMARC record.

Then you need to go to Domain Manager and chose your domain

Go to Domain Manager in GoDaddy.

And, eventually, in the Domain Settings at the bottom of the page go to Manage DNS:

Manage DNS option in GoDaddy.

Step 3 – Add DNS Record

Last, In the DNS / Records section at the bottom of the page you will see ADD button. Click on it to add a new record.

Adding DMARC DNS record in GoDaddy.

Make sure to select TXT type

Specifying TXT Type when adding DNS Record in GoDaddy.

Here, in the Host section add “ _dmarc” and in the TXT value field add your godaddy DMARC record.

Specifying TXT Type when adding DNS Record in GoDaddy.

That was it. You have successfully set up DMARC record for your domain.

If you need permanent monitoring or want to automate your processes just use EasyDMARC


Check Your Domain


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