How to Add DMARC to Cloudflare DNS in 5 minutes

This guide will show you how to add DMARC to Cloudflare DNS in 3 easy steps.

If you don’t have DMARC record then here a guid to create a new DMARC record.

Step 1 – Login and get to Cloudflare DNS

Go to the  Cloudflare’s DNS management page.

Cloudflare Services

Step 2 – Add Record

Choose the TXT type and press on “Add Record” button.

Cloudflare TXT record

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Step 3 – Save the new DMARC record

A form will open to add the new text type DNS record.

Cloudflare Adding DMARC Record

It can take some time until your DNS record will be updated worldwide. Check your record by our DMARC Record Lookup Tool.

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