How to add DMARC to Cloudflares DNS in 5 minutes

This guide will show you how to add DMARC to Cloudflares DNS.

Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance policies on TXT records regulate what an email receiver should do with spoofed emails.

What is DNS record type for DMARC?

DNS stands for Domain name system, which is the largest digital database that contains and remembers Your website information. DNS record keeps the data about how to respond to Your input. These records are so important for internet functionality.

DNS records are mapping files that manage the affiliation of each IP address with a domain.

TXT is a file extension for a text file. adding a DMARC record to DNS TXT file is the first step to implement DMARC record.

As soon as you build Your record  You need to sign in with your domain and create a new TXT record which calls DMARC and add DMARC to Cloudflares DNS.

We recommend you to use a record with a policy none for monitoring purposes. You can change it to policy reject or quarantine after consistent monitoring.


What does a “reject” policy mean? 

In a non-technical language  “reject” policy means “Detect all spam emails, and don`t let them be received”. It lets the senders’ domain to stop spam emails from receiving to the recipient.


Note: If You are a new user, please don`t be attracted with the ”reject” or ”quarantine” strong policy. if You try to use it on Your own, without a help of experts, and without active monitoring, you will miss Your important message and maybe they will not reach to the recipients’ inboxes.


After careful monitoring, You will get alerts and monitor reports to get the best of Your email protection.

Our reporting service will show you all insights during the monitoring period. You will see all the fraud attempts that EasyDMARC founds out.

Our DMARC experts and technical engineers will help You to achieve high email protection with p=reject policy. Get started NOW to protect Your email with EasyDMARC.

For a better help to create a DMARC record, you can use our Setup Wizard.

Step 1.

Go to the  Cloudflare’s DNS management page

Cloudflare Services


Step 2.

Choose the TXT type

Cloudflare TXT record

Need a help to add DMARC to Cloudflares? Write us now

Step 3.

A form of the record.

Cloudflare Adding DMARC Record


It can take several some time until your DNS record will be updated worldwide. Check your record by our Wizard.

Need a help to protect Your email?

Write us an email or chat with us. We are here to help You with all technical purposes.

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