How to fix “No DMARC record found”

“No DMARC record found” or “No DMARC record published” means you haven’t enabled email authentication. Email authentication allows the receiver to identify the email sender. In other words, it provides a technical solution to verify the sender for the receiver.  DMARC is also one of the best industry solutions to prevent Your business email from phishing and email fraud.

Email authentication relies on 3 basic protocols:

  • SPF – Defines the origin which allowed to send email for the exact domain
  • DKIM – Uses Public/Private -key cryptography mechanism to authenticate the sender and check the email integrity.
  • DMARC – Allows domain owners to publish a policy how they would like the email from that domain to be handled if it fails SPF or DKIM authentication.

In other words, properly configured SPF, DKIM, DMARC is a key to have a successfully authenticated email and to protect your domain from a phishing attack.

Follow the steps to fix “No DMARC record found” issue:

1. Use the free SPF record generator and publish generated record into your DNS

free SPF Record Generator


2. Use free DKIM record generator for DKIM authentication. If you need a help to configure your Linux mail server you can use our automated script for that. Which is available in our blog post.

free DKIM record generator


3. Use our free DMARC record generator and publish the generated record into your DNS. It is strongly recommended to have a monitoring policy (p=none) at first. After a successful monitoring result, the system will suggest you change your published policy. Don’t use p=reject policy at first, unless you are sure you have right configuration and visibility in your email infrastructure.

free DMARC record generator



Nor SPF, nor DKIM alone can’t prevent cybercriminals to send emails from your domain. Remember, only DMARC record with “p=reject” policy is the most powerful and industry standard email authentication system. However achieving “p=reject” is hard, because putting it in DNS without proper monitoring, can get your perfectly valid emails to be rejected. We know how to setup DMARC correctly and protect your domain from phishing without losing any of your emails.


Start to protect your domain now, sign up for free.

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