The Benefits of Becoming a DMARC MSP/MSSP Partner with EasyDMARC

    Cybersecurity is tough. It’s even more challenging for Managed Service Providers and Security Providers. As organizations working with many businesses, you’re responsible for your clients and their system security.

    Building and maintaining a reliable system that ensures a seamless experience for your clients can be tricky. Using various third-party services that don’t quite work in tandem can jeopardize the security of your whole organization.

    For MSPs, services must center around reliability and support.

    Before we discuss our DMARC for MSP/MSSP solution, let’s gloss over the benefits of reaching DMARC compliance.

    Why is Email Authentication Important?

    We’ve talked a lot about SPF, DKIM, and DMARC in our blog and how implementing these protocols improves the overall security of your email infrastructure. Let’s recap the most central points. Here’s what reaching DMARC compliance for MSPs means:

    • Operations security: You get the ability to detect and prevent phishing emails on behalf of your domain. Whether it’s for clients or internal communication, staying secure should be of utmost importance.
    • Visibility to business email environment: Knowing what’s where and who’s who in your domain ecosystem is crucial for control and peace of mind.
    • Business identity control: This point ties into the previous one. Ensuring that nobody can misuse your name is the basis for protecting your company from impersonation and building trust among your customers.
    • Email deliverability: Building on trust and transparency significantly boosts your domain’s standing in the eyes of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This, in turn, makes your emails land in the customers’ inboxes every time.

    In addition to these benefits, email authentication is slowly being enforced by governments (US, UK, Canada and Norway) and in specific industries like banking and insurance (for .bank and .insurance domains).

    Experts predict that DMARC, like other internet standards (e.g. “https”), will be fully enforced by 2026.

    Now that the general terms are laid out, let’s see what EasyDMARC’s services can offer to lift the burden from the email security side of things in your practice.

    What’s on Offer at EasyDMARC?

    Email authentication is what we specialize in.

    Statistics from Verizon, Gartner, and other sources mention phishing as the top entry point that can lead to data breaches, Business Email Compromise, and identity theft.

    EasyDMARC’s services help protect you and your clients from spoofing and phishing attacks.

    Email Authentication

    EasyDMARC’s top priority is safeguarding partners and clients from email spoofing and phishing attacks. We achieve this by deploying email security protocols: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. For our MSP partners, navigating the tricky waters of email authentication with ease and grace is a given—thanks to our comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

    No Need to be a DMARC Expert!

    Sure, dealing with the cybersecurity scope of your clientbase can be overwhelming. You might be unable to keep up with all the developments and technical details. Still, that shouldn’t hinder the quality of your services.

    Having a reliable partner like EasyDMARC can be a blessing in such cases.

    Here’s why:

    1. Anyone can deploy DMARC using our platform
    2. If you have any issues, our in-house DMARC experts will lead you through the tricky bits
    3. The platform is straightforward to navigate

    Comprehensive Reporting

    What’s next after you set up all the protocols? You start receiving reports.

    However, the XML files you receive are usually challenging to decipher without EasyDMARC’s dashboard.

    We turn the messy files into an easy-to-understand human-readable report by categorizing the sources and presenting them in neat graphs. Thus, you can eliminate the step of trying to make sense of raw data and jump right into the action.

    Smart Alerting

    Reporting is a systematic and steady way to keep up with your client accounts. But what if you need to fix a burning issue on a specific domain? Here’s where our advanced alerting functionality comes in. Depending on the configuration, EasyDMARC’s platform will notify you in cases of potential abuse, threats, or authentication errors.

    Other Features

    Here are some other features you can leverage by becoming an EasyDAMRC MSP/MSSP partner:

    • Onboarding and consultation
    • Expert support
    • Domain groups to separate customer data
    • User management and access control
    • Flexible pricing plans and monthly billing

    Why Choose EasyDMARC as an MSP/MSSP Partner?

    Email authentication is becoming increasingly crucial for small and medium businesses in various industries. Universities, hospitals, banks, nonprofits, and other SMBs deal with a considerable amount of personal data for their clients.

    However, not all can afford in-house teams to secure that data. If their MSP/MSSP offers an additional service that could potentially improve their domain reputation and email deliverability, they won’t look away from you. That’s a customer retention opportunity right there!

    Another benefit of partnering with EasyDMARC is acquiring new clients. MSP DMARC adoption is gaining speed, but email authentication is a tremendous green market. So, leveraging the tide can boost your standing among competitors and gain you more clients. The e”early bird catches the worm,” right?

    Are you still on the fence about partnering up with us? Contact our team for more information, or try the platform for yourself.

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