Easy DMARC Platform & Toolbox

Domain Scanner

Check the phishing vulnerabilities of your domain online

DMARC Reporting

DMARC Failure Reports

Online DMARC failure report analyzer

DMARC XML Report Analyzer

Free online DMARC XML reports analyzer

DMARC XML Report GeoMaps

See email sending traffic's distribution on worldmap


DMARC Record Checker

Free online DMARC record lookup tool

DMARC Record Generator

Online DMARC record generator tool

Hosted DMARC

Manage the DMARC policy of your domains and subdomains with a single click

SPF Tools

SPF Record Check and Lookup

Free online SPF record lookup tool

SPF Record Generator

Online SPF record generator tool

SPF Record Raw Checker

Online SPF record raw checker tool

DKIM Tools

DKIM Record Checker

Free online DKIM record lookup tool

DKIM Record Generator

Online DKIM record generator tool

BIMI Tools

BIMI Record Checker

Free online BIMI record lookup tool

BIMI Record Generator

Online BIMI record generator tool

BIMI Logo Converter

Online BIMI logo converter tool

Hosted BIMI

Upload your SVG logo and publish the custom-tailored BIMI record on your DNS


MTA-STS Record and Policy Checker

Free online MTA-STS record and policy lookup tool

MTA-STS Record and Policy Generator

Online MTA-STS record and policy generator tool


TLS-RPT Record Checker

Free online TLS-RPT record lookup tool

TLS-RPT Record Generator

Online TLS-RPT record generator tool

Other Tools

IP / Domain Reputation Check

Online tool to check IP and domain reputation in blacklists

DNS Record Checker

Online tool to check and find DNS records of your domain

Email Investigation

Identify email problems. Detect and troubleshoot any potential issues with delivery.

Phishing URL Check

Free URL check tool to detect phishing & malicious websites

Reputation Monitoring

Get real-time Reputation Monitoring

Other Features


Solve SPF 10 DNS lookup limitation issue, authorize email sending sources


Get alerts about important DMARC events