DMARC Analyzing & Reporting Platform

EasyDMARC is your one-stop solution for all things DMARC that helps you easily monitor your records and generate reports with a simplified and automated DMARC management platform.

While our DMARC analyzer and other free tools have you covered at the beginning of your journey, EasyDMARC’s platform truly shines through our Testing and Reporting features and Managed Solutions.

Stay in the loop every step of the way with our DMARC Reporting and Analyzing solutions and get comprehensive coverage throughout your DMARC implementation journey. Take control of your domain security and email deliverability and achieve peace of mind.

Domain Scanner

Analyze your domain for possible issues with DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and BIMI records.

DMARC Reporting

DMARC Failure (Forensic) Reports

Identify the root cause of DMARC failures through targeted source investigation.

DMARC Aggregate Report

Analyze your DMARC XML reports with a simplified and easy-to-understand dashboard.

DMARC Aggregate Report GeoMaps

Get a clear picture of your email sending traffic by country for improved visibility.

Managed Solutions


Use EasyDMARC’s managed solution to solve "too many DNS lookups" permerror.

Managed DMARC

Reach DMARC compliance directly from your EasyDMARC dashboard.

Managed BIMI

Publish and manage your custom BIMI record directly from EasyDMARC dashboard.

SPF Tools

SPF Record Checker

Check if your domain has an SPF record and if it’s set up correctly.

SPF Record Generator

Generate an SPF record for your domain automatically to avoid syntax issues.

SPF Record Raw Checker

Validate your SPF record before publishing to avoid potential misconfigurations.

DKIM Tools

DKIM Record Checker

Check your domain’s DKIM record for a particular selector and identify possible issues.

DKIM Record Generator

Input your domain, selector, and key length to create a DKIM record automatically.


DMARC Record Checker

Check your domain’s DMARC record to identify issues or misconfiguration.

DMARC Record Generator

Input your domain, the policy needed and other details to create a DMARC record.

BIMI Tools

BIMI Record Checker

Check your domain’s BIMI record to identify issues and misconfigurations.

BIMI Record Generator

Input your domain and asset locations to create a BIMI record automatically.

BIMI SVG Logo Converter

Fetch your logo conveniently and convert it into BIMI-compatible SVG Tiny P/S format.


MTA-STS Record and Policy Checker

Check your domain’s MTA-STS record and policy to identify problems and errors.

MTA-STS Record and Policy Generator

Create your domain’s MTA-STS record and policy file in the correct format.


TLS-RPT Record Checker

Check your domain’s TLS-RPT TXT record to ensure it meets policy specifications.

TLS-RPT Record Generator

Fill in details to create your domain’s TLS-RPT TXT record in the correct format.

Other Tools

IP/Domain Reputation Checker

Check if your IP or sending domains are in popular blacklists.

DNS Record Checker

Lookup your A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, PTR, NS, and SOA records.

Phishing Link Checker

Detect phishing URLs one at a time or in bulk to avoid most URL-based cyberattacks.

Email Investigation

Don’t wait for DMARC reports. Get an immediate analysis by sending us a quick email.

Reputation Monitoring

Monitor your IP/domain reputation with real-time blacklist status alerts.


Get notified about DMARC status changes outside your EasyDMARC workspace.

Take Advantage Of Our Smart DMARC Reporting

DMARC Reports are the key that opens DMARC compliance, and getting the most out of them is your highest priority. Your efficiency in reading DMARC reports highly depends on the solution you’ll choose.

With EasyDMARC's advanced DMARC reporting, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your email domain infrastructure and dig into specific source configurations – all in the same workspace. This opens up numerous opportunities to make informed decisions regarding email domain security and deliverability.

Our smart DMARC report analysis features eliminate the hassle of reading DMARC reports by providing a clear and concise overview of your email domain performance.

Our DMARC Failure (Forensic) Reports present a sample of an email that has failed SPF, DKIM, or DMARC tests, while our DMARC Aggregate Reports offer an organized and enriched analysis, grouping, filtering, sorting, and prioritizing DMARC reports to provide you with instant notification of any issues detected.

Experience email security hardening with EasyDMARC's smart DMARC reporting service.

Make Your DMARC Journey Simple With EasyDMARC